On the 8th day of Christmas...Gifting

Christmas is right around the corner. We can already hear the sleigh bells ringing, the choir singing and Santa laughing. So let’s move on from the Partridge in the Pear tree and gift people things they will truly cherish! What better way to do that than to personalize your Christmas gifts this holiday season?

Here are a few ideas that we think work great:

Furniture covers

This is both a useful and unusual gift. Basically, it is the perfect combination! It’s so important to cover your outdoor furniture and fire-pits while not in use. So, how about a uniquely personalized cover with a quirky message as a memorable gift? And why stop at a message? Go crazy... Add a funky print, maybe a pop culture reference, a loved one’s name, a quote, or anything else that pleases your fancy!

But wait -- where would you find custom-made fire pit covers with endless options to customize? From Coversandall, of course!

Bauble Ornaments

Admittedly, you will already have decorated your tree, but you can always get your loved one an early Christmas gift. Or personalize a cute bauble ornament, and add it to the tree on Christmas Day. Make a tradition out of it! Every Christmas spread the joy and gift a pretty, shiny, ornament to all your loved ones. Take it further and make it personal, by hanging it together on the tree.

Wine glass Or Champagne flute

Drinking your way through Christmas and into the New Year is a great plan! Well, almost. Wine glasses and champagne flutes are extremely useful for most adults. No one told you adulting would be this difficult and a little liquid courage can go a long way! Adding a name or the initials of a person on the glass may help them remember their identity after a few drinks! Oh, and it looks rather classy to have your initials on it as well!

Cushion Covers

Nothing cheers up a space like some lovely and colorful cushion covers. They brighten up the place and you can let your imagination flow by customizing their look. Use pretty patterns or a pop of color to contrast or stand out from the rest of the furniture. Gifting personal cushions with your favorite movie poster, musical icons, picture collage or personal nicknames are other great ideas as well.

Wooden Cheese Board

Be cheesy this Christmas and not just with your décor. A wooden cheese board is a fabulous gift, especially for those who love entertaining. You can even add a “cheesy” quote for the person you’re gifting it to!

Vinyl Record

Tis’ the season to be jolly and music is the way to go. Of course, music is really easy to get these days but a vinyl record with a playlist of your favourite songs printed on it can be an extremely intimate and beautiful gift... especially for couples. Get it framed and it can go up on the wall!

BBQ tool kit

For a foodie or someone that loves to barbeque, a personalized BBQ tool kit can be both cute and useful. You can personalize the apron by putting messages like “BBQ King/Queen” or “Kiss the Chef”. If you want to keep it simple, even just a name or a relationship works such as “Masterchef Mom” or “Dad’s the best”.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!