Doors & Window Ideas For Your Backyard & Patio

When it comes to patio doors and windows, you’re looking for solutions that save on dollars and cents without having to sacrifice quality and assurance. Maybe you’re sprucing up your beachside bungalow by the sea, or perhaps you’re in the suburbs and want to enjoy the view of your patio and the finely manicured lawn behind. Turning those dreams into a reality is a lot easier than you think. And with these ideas for inspiration, you can’t possibly go wrong.



Value Your Storm Doors

It’s always best to be upfront about things. That’s why front porches are just as valuable to homeowners as backyard patios. Many front porches feature protective storm doors, especially in areas prone to high winds. As sturdy solutions to a variety of weather-related problems, storm doors protect the interior of your home regardless of the season. They’re also your first defense against would-be intruders. These uniqure doors are like a warm hug, welcoming guests into your home and providing them with a sense of secure familiarity. Best of all, storm doors add equity to your home.



Slide Into Something More Comfortable

Secure, energy efficient sliding glass doors are a great way to transition the interior of your house into the exterior space of your patio. Sliding glass doors create a seamless flow between the inside and outside of your home, and offer a glass wall for outdoor views that keep you from feeling like you’re trapped between 4 solid walls. They also allow you to invite guests come and go into your home with no worries about ease of access. Sliding glass doors provide the added benefit of natural lighting into your home, brightening any room tenfold and setting nighttime ambiance with moonlight.



Bienvenue Chez Moi

French doors welcome guests to your patio with classic Parisian flair. French doors are secure and completely customizable to fit any entry way, crafted from a variety of materials. With Oak doors, you add a hint of something classic. With Timber, you add something mysterious. And similar to sliding glass doors, french doors provide essential natural light for the interior of your home, again giving you a two-for-one deal in practicality and functionality. You’ll also notice that combining French doors with similarly-styled windows can give your patio and its entrance the look of a chateau. A more austere wood/window pair can give the air of a sophisticated Parisian salon. The style’s the limit. Say “Bonjour” to elegance with a pair of tasteful outdoor curtains, transporting guests into a Parisian demeure. The only hard part is deciding to serve a white or a red with your charcuterie board.


Let the Sun In

Now think of that door/window tandem in a more expansive way. Let the sun shine into your patio with a window paneled sunroom. A solarium is a guest invitation that combines the concept of a greenhouse with the comfort of a patio. The immersive environment celebrates the beauty of nature with avant garde construction. In combining these two aesthetics, your patio becomes an all-season-proof extension of your home. Put in ceiling fans and a space heater and you’re ready for entertainment anytime of the year. And with waterproof outdoor furniture covers, you need not fear the elements of rain or shine. 



Knocking on the Barn Doors

Sometimes you expand that back patio energy into either a connected or freestanding space. Maybe you turned that old shed into the wife’s dream she shed. Or converted the garage into a safe haven for projects, peace, and quiet. Barn doors could be the perfect solution for your cherished new space. More rugged in nature and design than glass doors, barn doors provide a similar ease of access while complementing the backyard ambience and coziness of your converted space. Barn doors create a more open flow between the inside and outside of your home, and reflect a more humble style. Barn doors can also shutter the view into your “second home,” making it the perfect guard for privacy. In selecting barn doors, you have the freedom of selecting a variety of styles that best accommodate your needs.