color schemes for patio

Do you enjoy being outside, relaxing with your friends and family? We can all agree that there’s nothing better than getting away from the daily grind and spending some quality time on your patio, breathing in the fresh air. Spruce up your patio with a feel that speaks to the trendy side of you. With a splash of color, you can easily give your backyard, patio, or deck a Spring/Summer 2020 makeover that will keep it on the cutting edge of color trends and make the whole block green with envy.

Pastel Paradise

The arrival of spring means one thing: pastels. As flowers bloom, brooding colors are out the door and soft, bright tones arrive on the scene to brighten everyone’s world. Biscay, coral, and baby blue are just a few of 2020’s favorite pastel shades, and integrating them into your design scheme along with bespoke outdoor covers for your patio furnishings will not only liven up your patio but keep you on trend. And the best part of a pastel color scheme? These bright and soft hues flourish in both Spring and Summer months, meaning your patio can look fresh through the change of seasons.

Bright Bohemian

You can never go wrong with a pop of bright, deliberate color. Imagine a center table painted crimson red with canary yellow cushions to contrast that brown wicker sofa. A vibrant array of potted seasonal flowers only add to the party. Petunias and poppies and peonies, oh my! Easily mix your favorites to match the theme you’re working with, or go out on a limb and try a color you've never used before. If the use of bright colors seems overwhelming, you can easily opt for a single feature wall with vivid colors as the focal point. Your patio is your canvas, don’t be afraid to splash around in the paint!

Fiesta Fabulous

Maybe you’re ready for something south of the border. It might not be for everyone, but a fabulous fiesta palette can transform your patio into an adobe daydream in no time. With a sensible taste for every color in the rainbow, you can mix and match complementary colors with bright walls, furniture, upholstery, and accessories. This spring to summer patio melts the last bit of winter chill with a spicy and savvy solution. For true authenticity, add a Southwestern chiminea cover to your backyard setup and release your inner Tex-Mex chef. Margaritas and mole, anyone?

Classic Cool

Your style might lean more on the side of minimalism, and you believe less is more when it comes to design. Instead of trying to integrate a number of mismatching colors into your patio vision, why not keep things simple? The 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, exudes sophisticated elegance that keeps you calm, cool, and collected. Utilize this hot new color trend with some minimalistic accent furniture and you’ll have an outdoor space that is effortlessly chic and uncluttered.