Hang On in Style: Hammocks & Hanging Chairs For The Modern Patio

What’s your idea of a relaxing day on the patio? Perhaps some well-spent time in the sun with your favorite drink, a good book, or maybe even a mid-afternoon siesta. The makings of a blissful afternoon right there. But you can add a great deal of leisure to your leisure time in your patio experience just by adding a stylish hammock, hanging chair, or swing in the mix. 


If you’re in the middle of redesigning your patio, a hammock or hanging chair should be front and center in your scheme of things. To help you pick the best style, we’ve curated a list of the latest hammocks and swings with their pros and cons. Read on for ideas to give your patio the relaxed vibe you’ve always wanted. 

Rope Hammock

This one is for the old school aficionados. A retro rope hammock in your backyard is all that you need for a relaxed weekend. All hammock styles take their inspiration from this time-tested design. In its modern avatar, the rope hammock can be seen on designer stands that can be placed anywhere on the patio, but the basic design remains the same. 



  • Easy to install: All it takes is a couple of trees or poles and your rope hammock can be pressed into action immediately
  • Price: An average hammock will cost you less than $30, though the price will increase if you want a fancier option.
  • Sturdy: A mesh-like pattern that can withstand weights of up to 300 lbs without compromising on comfort. 



  • Uncomfortable for long durations: A long nap might not be so relaxing if the rope digs into your skin. But if that ‘waffle iron’ pattern on your back doesn’t bother you, you’re as good as gold. 
  • Mold: Fixed outdoor rope hammocks always run the risk of getting wet in the rain. This raises the possibility of mold growth and mildew. Using a reliable hammock cover will ensure your hammock always stays protected. 
  • Flipping: Rolling onto your side can cause a rope hammock to tip over. That’s never a nice thing if kids or seniors will use the hammock.  

Macrame Chair Swing 

This hand-knotted chair swing will add a bohemian touch to your patio decor. Apart from its superior comfort, the macrame hanging chair also offers more weight carrying capacity, making it ideal for cuddling with your partner. Available in multiple color options and anchor point styles (double or single), this swing will quickly become the patio favorite. 


  • Lightweight: Owing to its minimalist design, the Macrame Chair Swing is light in weight and offers easy maneuverability. This comes handy during installation or washing.
  • Durable: The chair swing is tough enough to handle moderate changes in weather. But if you want the swing to last longer use a sturdy swing cover that will add years to its life.
  • Easy to get on and off: Unlike the traditional hammock, the chair swing is easy get on or off. It's safe for kids, grandparents, or even pets



  • Knots come undone: After prolonged use, the knots on your macrame hanging chair can become loose and, eventually, undone. This will create holes within the weave pattern and can even lead to the weakening of the chair.
  • Requires extra reinforcement for hanging: The hanging chair is only as strong as the anchor points you hang it from. In case you do not have a strong beam or tree branch to hang the chair from, it will take substantial efforts to provide secure hanging points.
  • May lose shape over time: Unlike the traditional Hammock which retains its form despite repeated use, the macrame swing chair may lose its shape over time. 

Hanging Egg Chair With Stand

Ideal for small spaces or for backyards where traditional hammocks cannot be hung, the hanging egg chair offers unlimited variety in terms of design, material and size. With its no-fuss installation and easy-to-clean materials, this hanging chair will soon become your go-to spot for a relaxed day on the patio.


  • Can be used indoors or outdoors: With the stand in place, you can install this hanging chair anywhere in the house.
  • Easy on the back and neck: The eggshell shape replicates the spine’s natural curve and provides soothing relief a sore back, neck or shoulders.
  • Movable: Unlike a fixed hammock, the hanging chair on a stand can be moved anywhere you want, anytime you want. 


  • Prone to rusting: The steel frame on most hanging chairs can fall prey to rust, especially if the unit is placed outdoors. Avoid this by using a hanging chair cover that will protect it from rain, sleet, or snow. 
  • Not so kid-friendly: Hanging egg chairs offer limited swinging capabilities. Kids in their excitement can push the swing to its limits which can lead to a crash or a bad fall. 
  • One person at a time: Hanging egg chair offers limited space. In case you're looking to spend time with your partner, you’ll have to take turns to sit on it. 


Now that you have the inside scoop on hammocks and hanging chair styles, you can easily decide on which style matches the new, relaxed feel you’d like without putting in too much effort.