woman celebration birthday virtually

If you or a family member happen to have a birthday coming up in the next few weeks, chances are your celebration will be far different than this time last year. For health and safety’s sake, big birthday bashes are off the table for the time being. This opens the door for intimate gatherings that may not have a huge guest list, but more than make up for it with charm and memorability. Inspiration can come from anyplace and anywhere. You can even travel around the world with a birthday feast, all without leaving your home. Here are just a few of the many ways you and your family can have a birthday celebration that will be remembered for years to come. 


Video Well Wishes

With your guest list cut down to the members of your household, it’s important to make sure the guest of honor is able to receive their birthday greetings in whatever way possible. Reach out to friends and family and have them record a video of themselves wishing a happy birthday to the lucky guy or gal. You can even coordinate a huge happy birthday serenade featuring all of the guests singing along via skype or zoom. Once the sun sets, gather the whole family outside around the fire pit to share all the videos that have been collected for the special guest, just don’t forget the fire pit cover for when the festivities move back inside. 


Delivered Delights

Delivery options in the time of quarantine have never been more diverse. You can have just about anything dropped off at your doorstep, from the most basic of supplies to some truly unique offerings. Take advantage of this trend by ordering a fun or luxurious treat for your birthday honoree - no unnecessary trip to the store needed. Here are a few of the out of the box services you can call on for a special delivery:



Mailbox Surprise

We all love a good surprise, and what better day is there to receive one than on your birthday? Get the whole family involved in this sneaky celebration that will be sure to put a smile on the honoree’s face. On the morning of the big day, have another family member take the birthday girl or guy out for a drive around town. While they’re cruising through the neighborhood, head outside and decorate your mailbox head to toe with balloons, streamers, and homemade signs wishing them a happy birthday. They will be thrilled when they return home to a personalized bit of joy right in their driveway. Want to take it to the next level? Place a gift inside the mailbox and have them open it for yet another surprise. 


The Show Must Go On

Magicians, clowns, and performers in general have been a staple of birthday parties for years. They’re the perfect way to add some zest into any run of the mill get-together. And while social distancing has nixed having a performer come to your home, many party entertainers have moved digital and are offering their services via video streaming platforms. Do some research on which type of performer fits your party best, whether it be an adult comedian or kid-friendly clown. Once you’ve narrowed it down, do some research to find a performer that’s available to stream and set up a time for them to “drop by” and serve up some laughs and tricks for your guest of honor. It’s a win-win situation: you and your family get to enjoy your own private show, and entertainers get work when they need it most. 


Food Favorites

What easier way is there to treat the birthday honoree than by serving all their favorite foods? From breakfast to after dinner dessert, every meal can be made special by having the birthday guy or gal create the menu of their dreams. Make the occasion even more delightful by printing out copies of the chosen menu and hand them out to your family for a preview of the day’s culinary offerings. Start the day with a birthday breakfast in bed, followed by lunch in the backyard for some fresh air. Patio furniture covers make cleanup easy so you can get back to the kitchen to whip up the grand finale: dinner and dessert. Or, if you’re burnt out on being head chef, order takeout from the guest of honor’s favorite restaurant and serve it on your best plates. Dessert comes last, and whether it’s cake, ice cream, or a totally unique treat, the birthday king or queen will be delighted with both the sweets and being surrounded by loved ones on their special day.