Bug on flower

Buzz. Buzz. What’s that sound? It’s bugs on their way to ruin your backyard barbeque. Mosquitos, flies, ants.The worst of the worst, all coming to steal your springtime joy. You know how it is. Slowly but surely, these uninvited guests invade and irritate you to no end, from the first blossoms of spring to the last breath of fall. Insect proofing your patio can be tricky, but it is nonetheless manageable. And with these helpful tips, you can say goodbye to the nuisance of pests and hello to more time with loved ones.


Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground


When it rains, it doesn’t always pour. But it doesn’t have to. When water is allowed to collect and pool, it invites pests like mosquitoes to breed and fester all at the expense of your patio. Eliminating standing water in and around your patio is the first step in reclaiming the area from hostile insect invaders. Gutters and downspouts are also breeding grounds for mosquitoes. By cleaning them, you remove clogs that trap water and thus dissuade the area from the interest of insects. Even bird baths and patio furniture covered by tarps can collect water. Running water bird baths are the solution to inviting the right kind of winged guests into your backyard, while air bags prevent water and debris from pooling. 


Plant Your Ground

The vegetation of your backyard lives in a delicate ecosystem. Flowers thrive in your garden, all thanks to the gracious pollination efforts of busy bees. And while these welcome insects, along with butterflies, benefit the lush garden that surrounds them, you still have the underlying problem of hostile pests buzzing amuck. The right selection of functional plants can provide both curb appeal and protection from insects in one fell swoop.


Eliminate pests with: 

  • Basil: flies, mosquitoes
  • Chrysanthemums: roaches, ants, ticks, mosquitoes
  • Lavender: moths, fleas, flies, mosquitoes
  • Geranium: mosquitoes
  • Marigold: mosquitoes
  • Rosemary: mosquitoes



Shape Your Ground
Shape Your Ground

When landscaping your yard, it is imperative to keep a finely cut lawn. Large patches of unkempt grass and weeds are often hiding the creepiest of crawlers, and gives them easy access to your patio. Mulching too much or too little can bring about an invasion of roaches, ticks, scabies, and fleas looking to nest. Inorganic materials, such as rock, stone, or gravel work as great alternatives to organic matter with the same desired results. 


Paint with a Purpose


Cover the backyard patio furniture and hit up your local hardware store. Pick some colors that best express your style and personality. Patios are a great place to showcase the more creative side of your personality and expand your color palette. And there are hidden benefits to this design choice. Selecting certain colors can have an adverse effect on how appealing insects find your home. Bugs often have trouble distinguishing lighter colors. Pick from lighter shades of colors to give your patio a flair that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The only hard part is selecting which colors are best for the changing of the seasons on your insect proof patio.