new year, new patio

2020 is here! We are in the second month of the year and soon we will enter the wonderful spring. It is the best time to invest in a new patio set. In spite of the strong creative and independent decor, there are certain trends that have become popular every year and 2020 is no different. Here are our top five trends we’re seeing as we head into the new year.

Trending Outdoor Decor

Just like current indoor decor trends, minimalistic Scandanavian style is in. Pops of color can be brought in easily with bright yellow, green, or orange cushions. The use of mixed materials is big right now — soft plush fabric on pillows, canvas on seat cushions, wicker chairs, and cast iron tables.

You can bring the majority of your indoor style outdoors — it just has to be the weather-resistant version and you can always use patio furniture covers for added protection.

Buyer’s Guide

What should you look for when buying patio furniture? You may have a lot of specifics that you want but mostly you just need it to be functional, comfortable, long-lasting and hopefully look great too!

  • Weather - You’ll want to consider the weather where you live and if your patio is covered when making materials choices. Too much moisture will wreak havoc on wicker furniture and it can easily blow away in the wind. If it’s especially hot and dry, wood furniture can crack and dry out easily.
  • Space - Before you order anything, measure your space. Your guesstimate may be way off and too large or too small pieces can really throw off the vibes of your patio.
  • Budget - Calculate your entire budget before you start making purchases. You don’t want to spend half of your budget on a table to realize that chairs are twice what you had assumed. Price things out from different stores and see what will best fit your budget.
  • Number of regular guests - You can always keep stacking chairs or folding chairs around for extra guests and an ottoman or stool can work in a pinch but if you have a family of 5 or if you regularly have the same group of 8 friends over for grilling on the weekends, you’ll want to make sure you have enough comfortable seating for everyone to sit together. When creating your layout, keep in mind that open circular seating works best to help facilitate conversation.

Patio Furniture Care

Most patio furniture starts to show its age after just a few seasons on the porch. Between sun damage, wind, rain, and snow it can only hold up to so much.
If you follow a few general care tips, you can significantly extend the life of your patio furniture.

  • Check out your owner’s manual - Start by checking to see what types of cleaning products are safe for your furniture. Certain chemical products can wear down the weather-resistant coating on furniture sealants and some types of outdoor waterproof cushions aren’t supposed to be cleaned with detergent or put into the dryer.
  • Regular cleaning - Build up of dirt will attribute to mold and mildew growth. Regularly clean off your patio furniture, especially after a gathering where guests are eating and drinking ( and probably spilling). You can clean with a few drops of a simple dishwashing liquid and a bucket of warm water. Again, be sure to check what types of cleaning agents are safe for your specific furniture. And always test new solutions in a hidden area.
  • Cover it up! - No matter the season, cover furniture when not in use. Get specific custom patio furniture covers for the type of furniture that you're protecting. Getting something ill-fitting will prove useless. It’s smart to bring in items like pillows and cushions during the off season and store them in the shed or garage in sealed waterproof bins. In addition, keep furniture upright allowing it to drain water when possible.
  • A new coat! - Certain types of furniture — such as wood can benefit from a fresh coat of waterproof penetrating stain once every year. This will help minimize sun damage and deter mold and mildew.

For metal furniture, a new coat of paint or a protective layer of wax will prevent rust .