Patio Kitchen Island

Is there anything better than enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your backyard?

Yes, there is.

With the added ability to create fabulous meals without ever leaving your patio, you and your family can enjoy some well deserved time together and get the best out of your outdoor experience.

How is this possible, you ask? 

With a well-designed kitchen island. While kitchen design trends come and go, one element that has stood the test of time is the ever-trending kitchen island. This design element will quickly transform your patio into your most favorite spot in the house. They not only add sophistication, but also provide the functionality of a complete kitchen - outdoors! 

Let’s take a look at the different kitchen island styles that can give your plain old patio a facelift in no time. 



While every patio deserves a kitchen island, it might not always be feasible to construct one from scratch. For homes that cannot accommodate major changes to their backyard, a prefabricated kitchen island is the right choice.


With options ranging from simple modular kitchen worktops, to full-fledged kitchen counters with all the frills like a barbeque, in-built refrigerator, and a sink. A ready-made kitchen island can also be your go-to option if you’re not in favor of changing your existing patio design too much. While your new prefabricated kitchen island will up the style quotient of your patio, it will also need some protection from the elements. A customized cover that is as stylish as your kitchen island will easily protect it while maintaining its overall quality. 


Another great kitchen island option is one that comes on wheels. A movable kitchen island is ideal for small backyards that need the convenience of a patio kitchen but do not have the required space to spare. With a kitchen island that can be wheeled into position whenever and wherever you need it, you can easily transform your outdoor space into the entertainment hub that you always wanted.

The advantages of a movable kitchen station do not stop at its portability. You can also make use of the extra storage space they provide to store your kitchen supplies efficiently. It’s also a good idea to give your movable kitchen island an extra dose of sophistication by opting for a bespoke cover. A made-to-order cover with the logo or graphics of your choice will not only enhance its life but also give it a stylish new look when not in use.  


Custom Built 

If you’re someone with an eye for detail and the love for all things bespoke, you need a custom-built kitchen island. This kind of kitchen island is unique, a one-of-kind reflection of your taste and style. 

An experienced contractor will guide you through the intricacies of a custom designed outdoor kitchen island so that your patio can become an attractive addition to your home and your backyard parties will be the talk of the neighborhood. 


Some of the popular custom built kitchen island themes are: 

Rustic Chic - A wooden countertop made using reclaimed wood or some tasteful wood staining can make your outdoor kitchen island the focal point of your patio. Just add some trendy wooden bar stools and old-school light fixtures to complete the rustic chic look.



Modern Minimalist - Less is always more when it comes to design. Keep the look uncluttered with a simple monochromatic theme and geometric patterns. Some ambient lighting for the evenings and comfortable seating scattered around the patio will add to the look. 



Classic - There’s nothing better than the look of deep mahogany and some contrasting stone textured paneling. The classic kitchen island designs can also include a heavy marble top with oak wood cabinets. And the grill will, of course, be the centerpiece of your classic outdoor kitchen island design. 


Keep up with your customized kitchen island theme by getting an equally stylish, tailor-made kitchen island cover. When the party’s over and the guests have gone home, your cover will give your patio that trendy look while protecting your investment. 

Your grill and outdoor furniture have long been the focal point of your backyard. Now's the time to give it all a makeover. A functional kitchen island transforms your patio into an outdoor hub where creating fabulous meals and family memories becomes the best part of life.