Sunbathing by the pool

An empty backyard is a blank canvas for creating a truly unique outdoor environment and brings out the creative side in all of us. Gone are the days of creaky swing sets and dilapidated gardens. The backyard design trends of 2020 showcase some truly amazing concepts that are a far cry from the dull yards of yesteryear. 


Relaxing Retreat

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal spa in your own backyard? That dream is closer to reality than you may think. Accessories such as outdoor showers, hot tubs, and meditation zones  have become increasingly popular backyard features that bring the spa vacation home. If you want to take the relaxation experience to the next level, investing in a standalone sauna will really cultivate a truly zen atmosphere. And there’s no need to worry about bad weather raining on your spa parade when you have an outdoor sauna cover to keep things clean and dry. Everyone deserves to be able to practice self care and rejuvenation, and you are no exception.


Time for Tea

Whether you’re a child or a child at heart, everyone loves a tea party, and your garden is the perfect spot to throw one. Vine covered trellises, darling flower garlands, and beautiful tea sets are just a few accessories that can help transform your everyday backyard into an elegant garden sanctuary that’s fit for a queen. And when it comes time to serve High Tea, finger sandwiches, Earl Grey tea, and crumpets are essentials. Worried about seating at your tea party? A picnic table can fit all of your guests comfortably. Once tea has been served and your guests have moved on to play a round of croquet, just swap out your dainty tablecloth with a durable picnic table cover so you can spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying the fresh Spring air.


Camper Kickback

Vintage airstream campers are the epitome of classic cool. These old school trailers are experiencing a revival in popularity thanks to innovative homeowners turning once mobile campers into stationery guest houses in their own backyards. Family and friends staying for the weekend can relax in their own personal cottage on wheels. Setting up zero gravity chairs and hanging up strands of string lights right outside of their door will create a welcoming environment that encourages your guests to relax and enjoy their stay in the coolest, most unique getaway on the block.


Binge watch and Chill


There’s no doubt that binge watching has become everyone’s favorite weekend activity. And while your living room might suffice for an evening alone with your new show, throwing a viewing party with all of your pals will be way more exciting in the great outdoors. Backyard living rooms are ideal for hosting a binge watch session, complete with popcorn, cozy blankets, and, of course, a television. In between shows, be sure to keep your TV set safe and dry with a protective cover, because no one wants their next binge watch get-together ruined by a damaged or dirty TV. 


Home Office Haven


If you work from home, you know firsthand how dull it can be to stay indoors in a home office all day. Luckily, an innovative trend has arrived to transform home workspaces as we know it. Backyard office sheds have sprung up in backyards across America, offering an exciting new take on “working from home”. With just a few DIY tweaks, a simple backyard shed can be turned into a light-filled office that brings your work space from 4 beige walls into the middle of nature. And these ingenious spaces don’t have to be restricted to offices: art workrooms and yoga studios are just a few of the many possibilities a renovated backyard shed presents.


So get busy - your backyard is ready for that long-awaited facelift!