Spice Up Your Outdoors with 2019’s 11 New Design and Decor Trends

Make A Striking First Impression

A healthy dose of contrast is always appealing to the naked eye and makes for a notable first impression. The combination of (mixing) various types of materials, which you wouldn’t normally think of, is a climbing trend this new year. Pair your timbers, ropes, metals, and upholstery with each other to achieve an “out-there”, stylish look.

  • Combine aesthetically aged materials with contemporary ones. For example, combine rattan sofas with graphically appealing cushions, and offset them against aged bamboo walls. Or offset a brass chair against a white concrete wall and add bold, printed cushions on it. This will give your furnishings an indoor/outdoor vibe, which is one of the main trendsetting ideas of 2019.
  • Use asymmetrical furniture, chunky timbers or pair odd shaped pieces in your space, and transform the aesthetic. Opt for sofas or chairs made with chunky and big-blocked timbers, giving your space that distinct factor. Pairing an asymmetrical coffee table with a basic shaped sofa is a perfect example. One can also create a fun look with corner sofas.
  • Go for bolder colors when choosing your furnishings and give your outdoors a vibrant pop of color. Bright colorful spaces always send positive vibes, to not only the owner but onlookers as well. For example, use bright pink cushions on a neutral colored couch or pair a blue wooden chair set with your beige colored table.

Accessorize With Statement Decor And Furniture

Integrate quirky and eye-catching statement pieces like 3D printed accessories, art deco items, copper accents, artisanal fixtures, and rich color palettes into your space. Sometimes you’ve got to take chances with your style choices. This can only benefit the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area.

  • Accentuate your outdoor area with metals and copper-colored metallic accents. A super chic design trend, ideal for small spaces like balconies. You can place a rose gold vase on a dark-colored accent table for that desired rustic vibe.
  • Low-slung seating options are climbing the trend ladder as well. They work well with wooden accents and maintain a modern vibe for your outdoors. Try pairing a low-slung couch or chair with low-slung table options, and transform your space.
  • Customize unique 3D printed accessories and place them on your outdoor tables to accentuate the desired look.
  • Use outdoor crockery (like a clay pot in the corner next to your corner or sectional couch) and add-ons like placemats that have art deco prints or designs.

One can find these head-turning accessories and furnishings at local shops and through local designers as well. This will give your design plan an artisanal feel.

Low-Maintenance Equals Less Hassle

No one likes to spend hours cleaning and maintaining their outdoor furniture and accessories. This is exactly why low-maintenance products are in high demand and really sought after.

  • Opt for lightweight designs like powder-coated aluminum pieces that are rust-resistant or LED copper string-lights that will last for a substantial amount of time. Apart from aluminum, one can use stainless steel products (which do not corrode) as well. Maintain the shine with the least amount of effort.
  • Incorporate vertical gardens to your house’s exterior walls and create a visual that is both colorful and textural. Transform your mundane walls with succulents, which are the best to grow vertically, as they require very less water and maintenance.
  • Use hard-wearing and stylish fabrics and add some character to your outdoor area. It is highly recommended you opt for fabrics that are quick-drying and can be left exposed to the elements. This will eliminate the fade factor and keep your fabrics looking like new. You can select from an array of fabrics, ranging from olefin fiber, textilene fabric, cotton canvas, to outdoor curtain fabric, patterned fabrics, mohair etc.
  • Another great, low-maintenance idea is to add modular sofas in your outdoor areas. They are easy to move around, multifunctional in use and super versatile; ideal for either small or large areas.

By incorporating these design ideas one can curate a modern, trendy outdoor space. Make entertaining outdoors a stylish event with new and unique design aspects.