Woman Relaxing

Back in the day it was called a rumpus room. Then the basement. Sometimes even the bar. But it wasn’t all that long ago that the man cave became the thing. Now the ladies have struck back with a fortress of solitude of their own. And we have to say, well done ladies. Well done. If YOU are thinking about your own hideaway, here are some great ideas on how to get started exploring possibilities.


Convert Your Shed

We know. Duh. Right? But seriously – do you really need to store that gardening stuff you rarely use anymore in there? Or those old bags of soil? Maybe the lawn mower? Odds are there’s room in the garage for the mower and the other stuff… well, if you do use it, there are ways around that too. Cutting window holes and putting windows in isn’t all that difficult. You can find out how via Youtube or other online tutorials. Just make sure to cut the hole and put the window in before drywalling. And sheds come ready-equipped for drywall with their pre-existing framing. If it’s metal or wood you’re gold.

First use the appropriate insulation (the pros at Home Depot or chat rooms can help you with that). Then use the studs and either metal screws or drywall screws. Mud, tape, sand, paint. Your basic interior is done. If yours is plastic and you still want to convert it, you’ll most likely need to build a frame with 2x4s and attach it to the shed. Check with a local pro or handyman on the best and safest way. Now you can start decorating it however you’d like. Add some exterior panache. The sky’s the limit. And those tools and whatnot? You can either add a small overhang to the back of your shed and hang them outside, buy a storage bin, or build a storage bin. Figure on a total makeover cost of about $500, give or take, if you plan ahead.


Do You Really Need that Garage?

Sometimes the answer is a resounding “No.” This gives you a lot more room than a shed with the possibility of even having a loft (as some garages have that extra storage loft). They are also fully framed, so the process of insulating and hanging drywall is easy. They also give you a great deal more design freedom. A 2-car garage? You might even have two rooms if you build one out. The vertical door can still be used, but odds are it would make it cold in the winter.

You can add a side door if your garage doesn’t already have one to solve that problem. No windows? Same concept as converting a shed. Put ‘em in after you insulate and drywall. Then you can add the trim once drywalling is finished. Same goes for your door. A She Shed this big can have a TV, a bed – even a 1-car garage should fit a day bed. Costs on this can vary widely, especially since you have electricity at play and a lot of space to work with. Figure on at least $1,000 and start figuring out imaginative ideas and ways to save.


The Kit

Yep. These are things. The cost range can vary wildly, or at least semi-wildly, but let’s say you can get started with a full-on kit for about two grand. That’s the whole kit and kaboodle. The whole enchilada. Etc. This will allow you to pick the style you want and start planning on the indoor and outdoor furniture you’ll need. And how to protect it against the seasons with durable, stylish furniture covers. You may also add a firepit and cover to the mix – it’s your sanctuary. Make it as peaceful or as energy filled as you’d like.


Take that Kit DIY Up a Notch

Design your own she-shed. Have an architect design one. Or go online and purchase plans that fit your specifications. Then get yourself to the lumber yard. Odds are you might have to lay a concrete slab first (unless you have something pre-existing). At minimum you’ll most likely need build some sort of low deck to build your she-shed on (see picture). No matter. You’re DIYing. Half the fun is learning all the new tricks of the trade. And when the job’s done, you get to go all Joanna Gaines on your she-shed and turn it into your own slice of heaven. One that you can proudly lounge about in and point to as the house (shed – but who’s going to quibble?) that YOU built.


Last but not Least…

This one can be a little sneaky. A little cheeky, if you will. But think about it. How big is that porch of yours? Or that deck? Does it have storage nearby? Enough room to build some? Can you turn it into a screened-in solace sanctuary? A place to listen to the birds that belongs to YOU? Or even glass walls?  It’s all about carving out some space that the family knows is your place to… just be. Whatever that means for you. You get to define it. An outdoor sofa and cover would be nice. How about a day bed for that extra relaxing book reading session? Whatever it is, it’s yours.