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Custom Rectangular Fire Pit Covers To Keep Your Outdoor Grill Safe & Dry

Rectangular Outdoor Fire Pit Covers Keep Dust & Debris Away

We know that organizing cozy cookouts for your family and friends has always been a favorite activity of yours. These fun-filled BBQs have become more frequent ever since you picked up a rectangular fire pit for your patio. But with the weather about to change, what’s keeping you worried is the thought of your grill lying uncovered, at the mercy of the harsh sun or snow conditions, and being unable to protect itself even from the annoying dust and debris that slowly ruins the look and functioning of any fire grill.

What makes our Rectangular Fire Pit Cover durable is its double-stitching and multiple tie-down options that help keep it secure and tightly fitted over the grill. The cover’s air pockets prevent dust and debris from sneaking in while also restricting the formation of mold & mildew on its surface.

Lightweight Rectangular Fire Pit Covers Are Easy To Maintain

Made of superior quality materials such as 600 Denier mélange and PVB backing polyester, our Rectangular Fire Pit Covers are lightweight and have a feel of fabric. Excellent for grills in shaded and semi-shaded areas like your patio, these covers are waterproof as well as tear-and-abrasion resistant.

Also, the well-placed handles on our Rectangular Fire Pit Covers help in the easy removal and placing of the cover back on the grill with minimum effort.

Customize Your Rectangular Outdoor Fire Pit Cover

Our Rectangular Fire Pit Covers can be customized to fit a fire pit of any size. All you need to do is fill in the measurements of the one you have and send them to us. You can personalize the cover by making a choice from our range of fabrics and colours. Going a step ahead, you can also have your name, interesting graphics, logos or text of your choice printed on it.

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