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Luggage Cart Cover in All-weather Fabrics

Tailor-Made Outdoor Cart Cover with Maximum Safety for Your Luggage

Do you always worry about your luggage cart getting covered with dust in storage or getting drenched by rain outside? We do understand your problem but you shouldn’t worry anymore because our custom luggage cart covers will now be your saviour.

The covers will help solve all your luggage cart problems. Our luggage cart covers serve as a raincoat, dust cover, privacy screen, and provide maximum safety for your luggage. These covers come in a variety of designs and colours to choose from. Everything you need in a single package with Covers & all.

Versatile Luggage Cart Covers with Fabrics for All-Weather Conditions

These bespoke luggage cart covers are made with the best fabric available in the industry, with fabrics ranging from Cover Max, Cover Fab, and Cover Tuff that can sustain all weather conditions.

Cover Max is a mid-weight fabric constructed of PVC-coated 12 oz 1000D polyester and is 100% waterproof and UV-resistant. Cover Fab keeps your furniture looking beautifully new. This cover is made of 600D eco-friendly polyester with a PVB backing. While Cover Tuff is the most robust cover built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

These covers protect your luggage during storage, keep the eyes of passers-by away and come in various tie-downs like elastic, draw strap or split zipper.

Customized Luggage Cart Covers with a Wide Range of Designs

With our custom measurement tool, you can make a luggage cart cover that fits your needs perfectly. If you require custom sizes and a wide range of designs, you name it and these luggage cart covers have it all. While our fabric is waterproof, please keep in mind that it may leak if water is allowed to puddle.

To avoid this, install our airbags under the cover to enable tenting, allowing the water to run off the cover safely. Order right away and we’ll ship your personalized luggage cart cover to your doorstep. 

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