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Tailor-Made Outdoor Trampoline Cover with Waterproof Fabric

Custom Trampoline Protective Cover That Saves Your Trampoline from Rust & Damages

We know that you love working out on your trampoline. We want you to work out freely without worrying about the unpredictable weather. A robust trampoline cover is all that you need to solve your problems.

Your trampoline’s fabric is vulnerable to tears, rust, etc. and that’s where our trampoline cover comes to your rescue. Our tailor-made trampoline covers are designed to fit snugly around any trampoline shape while maintaining a clean, sophisticated appearance. High-tensile strength and tear-resistant material are used to construct this product which ensures protection from rust and damages.

Outdoor Trampoline Cover with 100% Waterproof & UV-resistant Fabric

All our trampoline covers are made of 100% waterproof, UV, and tear-resistant fabric, making them even more protective. You get three options of fabrics - Cover Max, Cover Fab & Cover Tuff. Each fabric has its own specialty and can endure the worst weather conditions with ease.

These one-of-a-kind covers protect your trampoline from falling tree limbs and other projectiles, ensuring that it remains in top condition even during harsh weather. The covers come with easy access handles for effortless removal and cleaning. These can fit on trampolines of any size or shape.

Personalize Your Trampoline Protective Cover The Way You Want

We provide the option to personalize your trampoline cover with your preferred name, initials, logo, or images. Your cover would stand out in the crowd once you add a personalized touch to them.

You also get multiple tie-down options ranging from push clips, grommets, draw straps, and elastic. This cover is also an added protection for your kids as they jump and play on the trampoline.

Order your tailor-made trampoline cover that fits all major brands. We’ll ship it straight to your doorstep, anywhere in the world. 

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