Lower your Budget, Not your Style

Whether you regularly entertain at home, or you’re just someone who likes to sit outside & enjoy nature - aesthetic appeal is very important. When you step out & “take it outdoors”, wouldn’t you want to be transported somewhere gorgeous? Usually, this would have been an expensive proposition; but it no longer needs to be so! Here are a few ideas you can incorporate into your outdoor space to achieve a balance between aesthetics & expenses:

Screen it!

  • Add a small screen to divide our space. This gives it a more cozy & private feel. You can go for a wooden screen or even a wire mesh screen depending on the amount of privacy you want. Using a mesh one is recommended in a smaller space.

Small spaces, Taller pieces

  • When you have smaller spaces, utilize vertical spaces by adding tall showpieces such as bamboo. It leads the eyes upwards rather than horizontally, creating more space psychologically.


  • Colour always makes things better! Paint your wooden furniture in bright colors & make your space look colorful & cheerful.


  • There are enough things in the house that can serve a dual purpose. Use these objects to their full capacity. Such as champagne buckets as showpieces by adding rocks or flowers. A pretty cup or wine glass can be used to put a miniature plant.

Get Shady

  • Not literally! The idea is to add shade to certain spaces. This will allow you to sit out, in the sun, all while giving you a sense of privacy. Drape long, light & soft fabrics artfully to create DIY canopies; setting a whimsical vibe.

Child-like Whimsy

  • We all have a child in us somewhere. Swings are a great way to get in touch with our inner child again. DIY swings are super easy to do and also give you a great non-conventional seating option.

Morning Tweets

  • Waking up to the chirping & tweeting of birds is quite the treat. Especially nowadays with the lack of trees, it’s not easy to hear them. Create a makeshift birdhouse in your backyard. If birds do come to nest, it will sound a look great. If they don’t, the birdhouse can still look amazing as an addition to the natural beauty of the space.

Keep it warm

  • Outdoor fire pits are a great asset for your backyards! Not only do they keep you warm, but they also add a rustic charm to your space. DIY fire pits are easy to build as well. All you need are regular stones & an inner lining of fire bricks.