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Premium Quality Custom Furniture Covers in all shapes and sizes

Tear-resistant Covers For Lasting Protection

Looking to keep things safe so that they last long? You are at the right place. Covers & All creates custom covers for every imaginable product out there! Our covers are engineered to provide everlasting protection to things that are precious to you.

Our Custom Covers protect your belongings from mold, mildew, harsh sunlight, dust and rain. These covers are waterproof, tear and UV-resistant. With strength and durability, they increase the life of your products.

Tailor-made Custom Covers for the snug fit

Are you looking to cover items that are oddly shaped? Look no further. We tailor perfectly sized Custom Covers in a wide range of geometrical shapes for the best snug fit.

Our covers can fit oddly shaped items ranging from round edges to unevenly levelled items. We offer a measurement tool which further assists you in getting the correct fit. Our Custom Covers come with multiple tie-down options depending on your need. We also offer different fabric and colour options to match your style. We also double stitch our custom covers to keep your items secured.

Personalize Custom Waterproof Covers With Flair

A personalized item can change the look of your space. Our custom covers can be personalized with a logo, text, or graphic. We offer options to add UV-resistant logos or text to the covers. Personalized covers represent your style, family or simply your house number. Flaunt your personalized custom covers with flair.

Custom Covers

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We can create custom covers in any shape and size - that'll fit like a glove.

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