Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take custom orders?

We certainly do. We specialize in high-end custom size and shape cover. We can also personalize them with your own logo, initials or pictures. From outdoor furniture, fire-pits, chimneys, TV, cycles, odd shape structures, factory machineries, equipments and anything and everything that need cover To place and custom cover order, please visit our custom order page (put a link to the page).

Do you have a minimum purchase value on custom covers?

We do not have any minimum on custom covers. Also, our products come with lowest price guarantee and quality warranty.

What kind of fabric is my cover made of? 
We offer multiple fabric options. You can check our fabric options and rating here. (put a link to fabric comparison page). If you need more detailed information, please contact our 24 hours customer service and sales line (800) 260-2829 or email:
How to Measure?
All our covers come with 1" extra leeway on the width and depth ( length ) dimension for a comfort fit . Please note that we do not add any extra leeway on the height dimension, which is fabricated as per customers provided dimension.
What are the differences in water repellency, water resistance and waterproof?
  • Water repellent fabric sheds water but is permeable to air. The fabric is tightly woven and/or has a finish applied that causes the water to bead up and run off.
  • Water resistant fabric is constructed to hinder the absorption and/or penetration of water. This type of material does soak through in heavy rain and prolonged exposure to water.
  • Waterproof fabric is impermeable to air and water. To make a product waterproof, all seams need to be sealed and/or taped closed. Note, waterproof fabric can get wet but the backing will be waterproof.
Where are the Products made?

Depending on the product and quantity we make them in one of our three locations: Lawrenceville Ga, Phoenix AZ and India.

How do I clean my covers? 

Use water and a soft brush and then line dry. Do not use soap or put it in a dryer as that will damage the protective coating on the fabric.

What are all the colors the patio furniture covers come in?

Each cover collection has its own color:

  • Cover Max Series comes in Shades of Black & Grey which can also be customized according to one’s preference (please refer to the product page)
Does Covers and All give bigger discounts on large quantity orders?

Yes we do offer bulk qty discounts and reflected on the site. We also have special program for hotels, holiday resorts and property management companies.

Do you take returns on custom covers?

There is no minimum order value


Is there a required minimum order value?

We guarantee all our products and all products go through two state of quality assurance process. In unlikely event, if we still sent a wrong cover, we will gladly take it back.

It other cases we can’t accept returns as those covers are made per order. Please note that covers are generally 1-3 inches larger then object for ease of use.

How do I return an item that just doesn’t fit? 

Just call our 24 hours customer service and sales line (800) 260-2829 or email: with some picture of the product and we will get new product on with-in 1 to 3 business days.

What is the Covers and all's return policy?

If there are any errors on our part after the art work has been approved, Covers and All will send a replacement banner with priority shipping at no charge to the customer. We also offer a refund for the total amount. Clients must follow these steps in order to get a refund or reproduced banner. All returns must be reported within 7 days of the delivery.

Refunds will be issued within 7 days if the online ticket is approved and will be processed and credited back to the original form of payment.

If refund is claimed after 60 days of receiving payments it will be in the form of store credit.


How do I register my product for warranty?

You don’t need to register your product to be able to file a warranty claim. The warranty period starts from the date the product is purchased. Warranty periods range from one to five years depending on the product.

How do I get my item replaced under the warranty? 

We have a very easy hassle free warranty replacement policy. Just call us at (800) 260-2829 or email: with some picture of the product and we will get new product on with-in 1 to 3 business days.

What To Do ? 
  • If you would like to submit a warranty claim, please email the following information to us at for review.
  • Order number or the billing name, address, and phone number associated with the purchase
  • A detailed description of the damage and how the damage occurred
  • A wide angle picture of the product in use in its normal environment
  • A close up picture of the damaged area of the product
  • Your mailing address if it is different from the one we have on file for your original purchase.


How long does it take to receive my order?

All standard size orders are shipped same day form our Lawrenceville Ga warehouse. Most of the custom and personalize orders take 24 to 48 hours in production and depending on the shipping method, can we delivered in 2 to 10 business days.

How much do you charge for Shipping?

To keep it simple, we charge fix shipping base on the order value. We offer three shipping types. Please click here (put a link to shipping table latest shipping table for a shipping cost.

Does Covers and ship outside the United States?

Yes we do ship International. Please refer to our international shipping rate table to find out more.

What if my order is not delivered within the guaranteed time?

If we do not ship your order in time, we will gladly refund the shipping difference (From selected category or next). On rare occasions, Delay is caused by logistic partners (UPS, Fed-Ex and DHL) and that unfortunately beyond our control. In those situations, we will not be able to offer refund.

What if my order is lost by your shipping carrier?

If our shipping carrier loses your order we will open an investigation on that package and issue a reprint with priority shipping


Can I order with Purchase order or check?

Yes. In certain cases (educational, government institutes, Non-profits and large corporations) we allow purchase orders and checks. Please contact us for more details.


Where are you located?

Registered Office: 16192 coastal highway Lewes, 19959 Delaware USA

Phone: (800) 260-2829

Sales Office: 752 Winer Industrial Way, Suite F Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046 United States

Phone: (800) 260-2829

What is Covers and All Quality Guarantee?

Each and every product we sell goes through two level of testing and quality assurance. Our 180 day promise guarantees that products do not contain manufacturing defects, and, if the product fails, breaks, or has a manufacturing defect during that time period, we will either replace the product or issue you a credit equal to the value of the failed product. Coverandall reserves the right to investigate the claim and determine whether or not the failed product is covered by our guarantee.

How Can Covers and All offers such low prices without compromising the quality?

Being one of the largest in the industry, we order our materials directly from the manufacturer in bulk. Our online only business model and bulk manufacturing allows us to operate at lower overhead and overall cost. Since we are saving money, we believe some of the savings should be passed along to our customers.

Why should I order my covers from Covers and All?

We do understand that in this competitive market we have to give customer added


  • We offer more than 20 years of experience
  • All our products comes with best price guarantee and quality warranty.
  • We offer Personalization on all products.
  • Our covers comes with optional water proofing treatment (link to video)/page

Custom cover form

How custome cover form works?
  • We do offer Customization, for any kind of Covers
  • We need all the measurements in Inches preferably
  • We need to the below information from the Client to provide them with the quote for customization
  • Height of the Article/ Width of the Article / Depth of the Article
  • If the product is round in shape or oval in shape then we need the Diameter of the Article and the Height of the Article
  • Once we receive all the information we can submit a quote within 24 hours latest
  • Before proceeding with the manufacturing of our customized cover, we confirm all the dimensions with the client, once the client approves the dimensions and then only we proceed with the production


What kind of Personalization do you offer?

All our personalization is done via UV printing and dye sublimation using high grade inks for colour vibrancy and outdoor durability. In extreme weather condition’s the outdoor life of the printing can be reduced.


How your products are waterproof ?
  • All our covers are water resistant
  • To make them as waterproof as possible we apply a special hot seam sealing tape, which is applied on the seams of the covers, this prevents the water to seep through the seam holes, which are made during the stitching process, this makes the covers almost water proof
  • However there is no 100% guarantee that the covers will be completly water proof

Cancellations & Refunds

How your cancellation and refunds work?

If a order needs to be cancelled for some valid reason, then please mail us immediately on, with your order id , we will examine the case and if there is a valid reason then we will issue the client a refund within 24 to 48 hours .

  • Return and refund of Custom Cover Order
  • We guarantee all our products and all products go through two state quality assurance process. In an unlikely event, if we still sent a wrong cover, we will gladly take it back.
  • It other cases we can’t accept returns as customized covers are made per order. Please note that covers are generally 1-3 inches larger then the object for ease of use.