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Buy Stylish & Durable BBQ Covers for Outdoor Cooking Experience

Discover the epitome of grill protection with Covers & All's Custom BBQ Covers. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with durable, stylish covers tailored to every brand and size. From moisture and UV defense to personalized touches, our covers ensure your grill stays pristine. Add this element of functionality and aesthetics for your ultimate cooking experience.

Covers & All's Custom BBQ Covers redefine protection and style. Unparalleled moisture and UV defense, three robust fabric options, and personalized touches make our covers a cut above the rest. Crafted for durability, resilience, and a perfect fit, these covers not only safeguard your grill but elevate it to a style statement in your outdoor space.

Take grill protection to the next level with Covers & All's customization options. Beyond a perfect fit, choose from over 10 colors and three fabric textures. Add a personal touch with your name, logo, or monogram. The double stitching ensures easy handling, and air vents prevent mildew. It's not just a cover; it's a tailored, stylish statement for your outdoor kitchen.

Bestsellers: Have a look at a few of our bestselling barbecue covers that enhance the overall feel of your patio.

  • Built-In BBQ Covers: Explore our precision-engineered Built-In BBQ Covers for a snug fit that leaves no corner exposed, providing top-tier protection.
  • Custom BBQ Covers Unparalleled Personalization with custom BBQ covers for grills, featuring a spectrum of colors options for a unique, stylish expression.
  • Big Green Egg BBQ Covers: Exclusive EGG Armor tailored exclusively for Big Green Egg grills with a design that complements its distinctive shape.
  • Kettle BBQ Covers: Enhance the iconic silhouette of your classic kettle BBQ with our form-fitted Kettle BBQ Covers.

Custom BBQ Covers with Option to tailor them Your Way

Covers & All offers unmatched grill protection with tailored, stylish BBQ grill covers. From personalized options to durable fabrics, easy handling, and extended warranties, we ensure optimal coverage and longevity for your grill investment.

Tailored Fit for Grills: Say goodbye to ill-fitting covers. With precise measurements and a comprehensive range of sizes, our current range of BBQ covers for sale offers a bespoke fit for every brand and model of grill. Optimal coverage ensures your grill remains safeguarded, enhancing its lifespan and performance.

Personalization Perfection: Transform your grill cover into a unique expression of your style. With over 10 colors, three fabric textures, and personalized options like logos or text imprints, Covers & All allows you to make a statement in your outdoor space. It's not just a cover; it's your style showcased.

Durable Fabric Options: Choose excellence in materials with Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff. Crafted from resilient 1000D PVC-coated polyester, these large BBQ covers cater to varying weather conditions, providing durability, tear resistance, and medium weight. Your grill deserves the best, and we deliver it.

Rain & UV Resistant: Our covers stand as an impenetrable shield against harsh elements, from relentless UV rays to torrential rain and snow. Your grill's longevity and pristine condition are non-negotiable, and we deliver on that promise.

Easy Handling and Maintenance: Experience convenience in every aspect. Double stitching at the seams ensures flexibility, making the placing and removing of the cover a breeze. Hassle-free maintenance allows you to focus on what matters - enjoying your outdoor cooking experience.

Mold and Mildew Resistance: Innovation meets protection. Our custom and standard size BBQ grill covers feature materials like Cover Rite's PU coating, preventing the formation of mold and mildew on your grill surface. Keep your grill not just protected but also free from potential health hazards with Covers & All.

Secure Fastenings: Trust in the security of your grill cover. Elastic at the bottom and optional tie-downs ensure your cover stays firmly in place, even during adverse weather conditions. We understand the importance of reliable fastenings, delivering peace of mind with every use.

Extended Warranty: We stand by the durability of our products. Enjoy peace of mind with substantial warranties—2 years for Cover Rite, 3 years for Cover Max, and up to 5 years for Cover Tuff. Covers & All goes beyond protection; we offer a commitment to the longevity of your investment.

Applications and Effortless Installation of Covers & All's Custom BBQ Covers:

Our outdoor BBQ covers are designed for simplicity and efficient installation. The accurate measuring guide ensures a perfect fit, and the elastic hem, combined with secure fastenings, keeps the cover in place even during gusty weather. Transform your outdoor cooking area with ease, enjoying not just stylish protection but also the convenience of a cover that stays securely in place.

Whether it's rain, snow, or sunshine, our covers provide unmatched protection, ensuring your grill remains in top condition for every outdoor cooking adventure.

  • Outdoor Events: Perfect for protecting your grill during outdoor gatherings, our covers ensure your grill is ready to impress, rain or shine.
  • Year-Round Use: Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, our weber BBQ covers are ideal for year-round use, providing continuous protection against UV rays, snow, and more.
  • Commercial Spaces: Elevate the aesthetics and protection of your outdoor cooking space in commercial settings, showcasing your commitment to quality with fire pit covers.

Shop for these BBQ covers today and enjoy your BBQ with elegance.

Frequently Ask Question's for BBQ Covers:

Q1: What is the best fabric for BBQ cover?

Ans: Most of the outdoor BBQ covers are made from polyester. But make sure it's water-repellent or at least water-resistant, as well as UV and tear resistant.

Q2: Should you cover your BBQ in the winter?

Ans. Yes, we would recommend covering your BBQ during winters to prevent any damage from snow, rain, or other unwanted elements.

Q3: What materials are BBQ covers usually made of?

Ans: BBQ covers are often made of polyester, vinyl, or heavy-duty fabric that offer ultimate weather protection.

Q4: How do I clean my BBQ cover?

Ans: Use a mild soap and water solution with a soft brush or cloth. Rinse and air dry it before putting it back to the grill.

Q5: Will a BBQ cover fade over time from sun exposure?

Ans: Quality covers often include UV protection to minimise fading, chipping, and ensure longer lasting colours.

Q6: Which is better- vinyl or polyester BBQ cover?

Ans: Thin vinyl cracks and get holes more easily. Polyester is a popular material for grill covers because of its resilience in all weather conditions.

Q7: What size should my grill cover be?

Ans: To get the correct size cover, first measure the width. With the lid closed, measure from the left to the right side. Next, measure the depth of your grill from front to back, taking any handles into account. Then, take a measurement from the top of the grill (lid closed) to the bottom.

Q8: What material is waterproof and safe for BBQ?

Ans: Most of the BBQ covers are made of polyester, which is mostly waterproof or water-repellent. Make sure the cover is also UV-resistant and tear-resistant.

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