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Shield Your Vehicle from Outdoor Elements with Best Car Covers

The world of automotive presents a lot of options and is one of the most exciting industries. Driving a vehicle is a preferred choice for hauling industrial goods, taking a road trip and commuting to work daily. You expect your vehicle to be ready for use for carrying on these quintessential tasks. Our superior quality custom car covers ensure your vehicle stays in mint condition and unscathed from the ill effects of inclement weather conditions. Our best car covers extend the durability of your vehicle as they are resistant to dust, tears and abrasion. Anti-static in nature, the Duro Pro covers refrain from accumulating static electricity and causing harm to the electronic parts of your automotive. Elastic and a drawstring are given as tie-downs to keep the covers firmly in place and secure your vehicle from end to end.

Custom Car Covers are Available in Two Types of Fabrics

Our fairly priced best car covers in Canada are available in two superior quality fabrics- Duro Max and Duro Pro. The Duro Pro material is an amalgamation of polyester and spandex in a stretchability ratio of 70% and 30%. The knitted fabric ensures breathability in the cover and comes in a thickness of 180 GSM that is wrinkle-free. Suitable for semi-shaded areas, the fabric is available in white shade only. The Duro Pro fabric is made of a solid material that is non-woven and apt for usage in extreme weather conditions. Static electricity may build up and cause damage to the electronic components of your car. Our anti-static covers save you from such costly repair work. The waterproof car covers are resistant to the effects of UV rays that can lead to discolouration. We extend up to 10 years of warranty coverage on both fabrics that weigh approximately 5 oz.

Shield Your Vehicle Perfectly with Custom-Sized Car Covers

We manufacture the best car covers in Canada which can be customized according to the shape and size of your vehicle. These vehicles require covers in custom sizes to ensure they fit like a glove. We have covers that are specifically designed for hatchbacks, cabrios, sedans, sports cars, SUVs, vans, monster trucks, pick-up trucks, vintage cars, and limos. Our best outdoor car covers can be tailor-made in any size to meet your requirements. Make use of our measuring guide to take the dimensions of your vehicle and input the values in the measuring tool given on the website. Our engineers will design the cover immaculately, so the covers don’t leave an inch of your vehicle exposed to the elements. Choose the fabric and colour after entering the measurements and place your order for a doorstep delivery!

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