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Shop Large Canvas Tarps in Premium Fabric

Does erratic weather catch you off guard? Need safety from weather elements during camping? Or want to save your construction material kept outdoors? Canvas Tarps by Covers & All is just the perfect accessory for you. These high-quality tarps are constructed out of 550 GSM, 28 MIL thick, poly-cotton canvas material. The fabric offers breathability and is resilient to water, sun, moisture, dust, debris, etc., saving your possessions from potential damage. This breathable fabric allows air to vent out completely, keeping rustic elements at bay. The fabric undergoes wax treatment to reinforce strength and infrangibility. It adds a sheen to the tarp, making it appear sleek and classy.

Get Waterproof Canvas Tarps for Absolute Protection

Custom canvas tarps are available in custom sizes, so you can be sure about getting the right tarp as per your needs and specifications. From 10x10 canvas tarps to large canvas tarps, you can select any size for a perfect fit. The waterproof canvas tarps are built to keep water elements such as rain, snow, dew, etc., at bay. Their mildew-resistant attribute forbids the formation of mould, mildew, and all other bacteria, offering a longer service life. The tarps are bestowed with tear and abrasion-resistant fabric. This helps keep them outdoors for prolonged hours, without worrying about getting torn, abrase, slit, ruptured, etc. Moreover, due to the tough canvas tarp material, our tarps won’t let dust, debris, or any unwanted elements enter, offering an absolute protection all season round.

Versatile Canvas Tarps with Grommets Add Extra Security

From covering your outdoor storage to using it as a swimming pool cover, shade cover, windscreen, dust protection, etc., our heavy duty canvas tarps are versatile. They can be used as BBQ grill cover, motor cover, garden bed cover, garden furniture cover, equipment cover, etc. You can even use them as canvas tarps for camping. To ensure that they are installed or removed in minutes, we equip them with rustproof grommets. You can secure them to retain a firm hold, especially during windy days. They weigh 16 oz and are highly portable and easy to manage. With an assurance of 1-year warranty, our waterproof canvas tarps for camping are hard-wearing. You can even explore canvas tarps for sale on our website and enjoy discounts/offers (if any).

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