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Custom Sports Tarps Offer Absolute Protection and Reduced Fixture Costs

Sport in any form has the power to bring communities and people together at large. Right from playing or watching, the best sports experience comes from a well-kept sports venue/field. So, every sports facility must possess a good mix of maintenance & protection. In fact, with the right protective measures like sports tarps and field covers, the maintenance costs can be lowered significantly. And when it comes to finding the best protective covering solutions, you can always count on us. Covers & All takes pride in offering you high-quality, heavy-duty sports covers & tarps that are designed to offer protection through various indoor and outdoor weather conditions. 

A Selection of Heavy-Duty, Waterproof, UV & Mildew Resistant Tarp Materials

Our covers are carefully designed to help keep your sports field, mound, or ground in prime condition. To achieve this, we work around both material quality and workmanship. Quintessentially, our highly durable tarp materials are 100% waterproof and highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion, & mildew. With the best materials and customization options, you are sure to get your hands on fully functional sports tarps that offer the ideal protection to your sports venue. From baseball field covers, tennis court covers, to weighted mound tarps - you can find it all. Plus, the flexibility to select your preferred tarp material & color, size dimensions, and tie-downs empowers you to match your preferences, needs, and budget. With the right fabric selection, our sports covers will have you covered for the next 3-5 years.

Take Advantage of The Add-Ons Like Airbags and Weighted Steel Chain 

Despite our all-weather sports tarps constructed out of waterproof tarpaulin material, there are chances of water leakage caused by puddling or standing water on the seams. You can prevent this by keeping airbags underneath your cover. The airbags help tent up the tarps, allowing the water to drain off, preventing it from standing or puddling at the seams or corners. Furthermore, baseball weighted-mound-tarps can be customized with galvanized steel chains added around the perimeter. It makes the tarp/cover all the more wind-resistant. The reinforced steel chains add weight to the tarp, keeping the tarp in place on the ground, unaffected even during heavy wind conditions. Please be informed that airbags & weighted steel chains are add-on components and can be ordered along with your tarp or cover by paying a minimal additional price. 

Custom Covers

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