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Coversandall EquipmentCover001 EquipmentCover001 Tear and abrasion resistant covers for Window ACs of all sizes. 100% waterproof, with min. 3 years warranty and more only on coversandall.ca ! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/7333573a0a443d4028445822ce4d8e0a/w/i/window-air-conditioner-covers.jpg
  • Our covers are made of waterproof & UV-resistant fabric.
  • The fabric is made of 1000 Denier and PVC-coated polyester.
  • We offer covers with high-quality stitching. 
  • The covers are of medium weight and feel like vinyl.
  • You can personalize covers with logos or images.
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Our Window A/C Covers Come In A Variety of Fabrics

For many, the thought of spending the summer months without a window air conditioner is almost unthinkable. Quietly working from a window opening, it cools the interiors of your home without getting in the way. But in return, all it needs is some basic protection from the ill effects of the harsh elements outside. This is where Covers & All’s window air conditioner covers chip in. It would be no exaggeration to say that they are great for those who worry about the upkeep of their A/Cs when they are not in use.

In working to keeping your A/C safe, clean, and dry, our covers retain their looks by not just being weatherproof but also fade resistant. This assurance comes from the sturdy fabric, of 1000 Denier and PVC coated polyester used to create them.

The covers come in three varieties of fabric -- Cover Max, Cover Max, and Cover Tuff. While the first two offer a 3-year guarantee on fabric, the last one mentioned comes with a warranty of 5 years on its fabric.

Being tear-and-abrasion resistant, our covers are of medium weight. They boast a texture like vinyl.

Give Your Window A/C A Neat Look With Our Window A/C Covers

Your window air conditioner deserves to look neat and classy during its time of rest. Serving this purpose are its tough grommets that are made of rust-free brass and tie-down options such as the drawstring, elastic, push clips, and water-proof zipper. These work to keep your window A/Cs immune to the damages that sun, rain, dust, debris, and mold, and mildew can bring in their wake. The easy-to-access handles are a huge help too, especially when it comes to removing and putting the covers back on the A/C.

Personalize Your Window A/C Cover With An Image Or Logo

Those who wish to order for Covers & All’s window A/C covers need to just follow our simple, four-step process. To start with, provide us with measurements. Next, customize the covers by picking on the fabric and color of your choice. In case you wish to, you can further personalize the covers with a print of your image or a logo etched on them. The final step entails, just placing the order. The covers will arrive at your doorstep soon after! Free shipping is available on orders above $99.

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