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Game Table Cover

Your Game Table Needs Protection from Outside Forces Bent on Destroying It!

Mold, mildew, snow, UV rays, rain, strong winds, and insects are all outside forces bent on destroying the appearance of your game table. How can you protect your game table from damage? You need to invest in a game table cover, as that will provide your game table with maximum protection from external forces.

Our Game Table Cover Acts as a Shield, Guarding Your Investment to Ensure It Remains in Flawless Condition for Several Years

Our custom game table cover, available in a rectangle and round shape, has all the qualities needed to ensure your game table lasts through the years. When you place an order for a rectangle or round game table cover, you receive a game table cover boasting the following qualities:

  • UV Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant

Whether you opt for a round or a rectangle table cover, know that you will receive a superior product, one that you can customize to fit your game table perfectly. Order our custom game table cover to ensure your game table remains in immaculate condition, always. Guarantee a perfect fit by customizing your game table cover.

Our customizable option is a great hit with restaurants, hotels, and resorts as well as homeowners who want to add a touch of personality to the game table covers by personalizing it. The following are different ways you can customize the table cover:

  • Select Your Fabric, Cover Rite or Cover Max
  • Select Your Color — Cover Rite Available in Black and Green and Cover Max Available in Black
  • Add Text and Choose Your Font
  • Add Image
  • Add Both, Text and Image

Send Us Your Game Table’s Measurements so We Can Begin to Design and Create Your One-of-a-Kind Game Table Cover

Specify the width, height, and length/depth so we can begin designing your customized game table cover. Since our game table covers come in different colors and give you different options to customize it, you will be proud to show it off to your guests. Unlike other game table covers, our covers are eye-catching and look stylish.

Your guests will not view the game cover as something just casually thrown over the game table to cover it, but will immediately sense that it was a conscious decision, one thought by keeping the décor of the room in mind.

Cover Your Ping Pong Table, Poker Table, Chess Table, Blackjack Table, and Any Table You Use to Play Games!

Keep your game table in supreme condition by ordering our game table covers, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and an advanced process. We use a hundred percent polyester to create our covers, which makes them more breathable and keeps moisture at bay.

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