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Swing Covers made from quality fabric offers lasting protection

Covers That Keeps Your Swing Dust-free And Clean

The picture of a serene, lush green lawn isn't complete without a swing or hammock that acts like a magnet for everyone. However, things don't stop just there, for steps need to be taken to keep the swing clean, safe and in good condition. It must not be allowed to fall prey to dirt and dust, strong winds, harsh UV rays, snow, rain, sleet, mould and mildew. So, the best way to keep it protected is with swing canopy hammock covers by Covers & All.

Swing Covers Made From Durable Fabric Keep Swings Protected For Longer

Our high-quality and long-lasting swing canopy covers promise a longer lifespan of your swing. We manufacture our custom covers using advanced and high-tech technology, created by following a stringent quality control procedure that ensures that your swings continue to look good and stay safe for a longer period of time.

Our swing canopy covers are available in three heavy-duty fabrics -- Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Lite -- that are breathable and do not let moisture accumulate inside the cover. Offering protection against inclement weather, they keep insects and animals from spoiling it.

Leave A Personal Stamp On Your Swing Covers

You can personalize your swing by having the cover made in the colour of your choice. Although two standard sizes are available, you can choose the custom size option too. All you need to do is measure your swing canopy hammock to specify the measurements of the covers you want us to create.

We also have the option of branding your swing canopy covers with your name, logo, picture, or a text of your choice.

Custom Covers

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