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No matter the type of outdoor furniture you have chosen for your patio or your backyard, you can find all types of seating covers at Coversandall. Offering a variety of high quality covering materials, you can rest assured that your patio furniture will be protected from even the harshest weather conditions.

Browse through our vast selection of covers to find the one that suits your taste as well as budget. You can select the size of your seating covers by matching the dimension we have provided. However, if you cannot find the right size you can request a customized cover quote for the fabric of your choosing.

The design of Coversandall covers offers one-way breathability. This feature protects the colors and fabric of your furniture from debris, mold and mildew. Keep your outdoor patio furniture in pristine condition with the covers of your choice.

Variety of Seating covers available at Coversandall:

Chair Covers

Protect your chairs from the elements with Coversandall selection of Chair covers.

Chaise Covers

Give your furniture an amazing new look with Coversandall custom designed Chaise covers

Sofa Covers

You can increase the longevity of your outdoor sofa with Coversandall high-quality Sofa Covers.

Glider Covers

Keep your gliders in perfect condition, no matter the type of weather in your region with Coversandall Glider covers.

Bench Covers

Protect your backyard bench from wear and tear by covering it Coversandall high quality Bench Covers.

Loveseat Covers

Avoid the stains of spills on your Loveseat with Coversandall Loveseat covers.

Available Fabrics for Seating Covers

Coversandall offers a variety of high grade fabric for all seating covers. Depending on the preference of our clients we use materials like Cover Lite (Tyvek), Cover Rite and Cover Max high quality fabrics. Simply choose the materials that best suits your needs as well as matches your taste in terms of design and get in touch with us. We aim to exceed your expectations along with providing superior customer service.

Measuring your Furniture

To ensure perfect fitting of Coversandall seating covers measure your furniture correctly. First measure the width from arm to arm, followed by the depth of the seat from front to back, and lastly measure the height from the top to the foot. The best way to ensure an easy fitting is by allowing an extra inch to both depth and width of the chair.

Custom Covers

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