Circular Bean Bag

Coversandall SoftFurniture01 SoftFurniture01 Shop for Circular Bean Bags made from durable, mildew resistant, and water-resistant fabric. Our circular bean bag chairs come with double zippers for child safety with YKK zipper. Get free shipping on orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/i/circular_1__1.png

High Utility Circular Bean Covers Offer Style and Safety in One Go

  • Features 100% olefin eco-friendly fabric with a TPU coating.
  • Material is available in 2 different colours: beige and gray.
  • Provides excellent tear, abrasion and UV resistance.
  • Sturdy zipper available for ensuring child safety.
  • Easy to clean and maintain after frequent usage.
Patio Plus
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Buy Water-Repellent Circular Bean Bag Chair Cover for Ultimate Protection

A good-quality bean bag used for relaxation has the potential to become the centerpiece of your home. Keep them well-protected over the years with our Circular Bean Bag Cover. They safeguard your beans from spilling all over while ensuring they don't get affected by wear and tear. Get your bean bag cover today and enjoy extended hours of comfort.

High-Quality Cover Fabric: Our circular bean bag chair cover features superior-quality Patio Plus fabric weighing 7oz. The 100% olefin fabric is safe for the environment and lets you do your bit for the planet. Moreover, our eco-friendly material comes with a TPU coating, enhancing its durability.

Exceptionally Durable: A large circular bean bag cover needs to offer high durability due to its daily application. At Covers & All, our resilient bean bag covers easily withstand minor damage due to everyday use. Their material prevents them from getting damaged by external elements and rough handling.

Safe from Water Spills: You can now sip your summer coolers easily lounging on your bean bag as they offer excellent water repellence. This makes them perfect for outdoor use in backyard parties and gatherings, and you can leave them unattended outdoors without worrying about water damage.

Protection from UV Rays: Use our UV-resistant circular bean bag cover today to prevent damage from harmful sunlight. UV proofing is not only essential for soft furniture but even your heavy-duty chairs and covers. Browse our chair covers section to get a UV resistant covering solution for your furniture.

Mildew Resistant: Even if you leave your bag dormant for an extended period, you can be assured that it won't show signs of rust, rot, or decay. Our high-quality fabric offers excellent mildew resistance that inhibits the formation of damaging mold or mildew over time.

Rice Stitching: Our circular bean bag lounge covers come with top-notch rice stitching and a pocket for a visually appealing look. The stitching gives your bags a contemporary feel and helps them easily resonate with your interior spaces. Our pocket lets you place your small belongings for easy access whenever resting on the bag.

Select Your Circular Bean Bag Chair Cover Size from Our 2 Size Options

Different Sizes: At Covers & All, our circular bean bag chair cover comes in two sizes: 20" X 15" h and 24" X 18" h. You can easily select your desired size on our website after carefully considering your requirements and available space. Want to buy covers for other home furnishings? Check out our custom covers category today!

Beans Required: Our sizes require around 0.6Kgs of beans per bag.

Zippers Available with Large Circular Bean Bag Cover for Child Safety

Sturdy Zipper: We provide durable zippers with our bean bag covers to prevent beans from spilling due to accidents. This gives you much-needed assurance and guarantees child safety in your absence. Ready to give your bean bag the necessary protection? Shop for our bestselling covers like bean bag covers and round ottoman covers today!

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.


Beans Required

20'' X 15''

0.6 kg

24'' X 18''

1 kg

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