Octagonal Bean Bag

Coversandall SoftFurniture08 SoftFurniture08 Shop for Octagonal Bean Bags made from durable, mildew resistant and water-resistant fabric. Our octagonal bean bag chair comes with double zippers for child safety with YKK zipper. Get free shipping on orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/o/c/octagonal_2_.png

Octagonal Bean Bag Covers Keep Your Soft Furniture in a Top-Notch Condition

  • Comprises high-quality Patio Plus fabric for protection.
  • Fabric available with up to 3 years of warranty.
  • Protection from mildew, tears, abrasions & UV rays.
  • Comes in appealing colors like beige and gray.
  • Rice stitching adds to their aesthetic appeal.
Patio Plus
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Buy UV-Resistant Octagonal Bean Bag Chair Cover for Long-Term Furniture Protection

Everyone looks forward to casually lounging on a bean bag after a hectic day. However, they are prone to frequent tears, so the need of the hour becomes using our octagonal bean bag cover and giving them much-needed protection. Get the cover today and keep damage from external elements like sun, dust, debris, rain, etc., at arm's length.

High Tensile Strength Fabric: Prolonging the life of your bean bag is now easy as our cover comes in top-quality Patio Plus fabric. Weighing just about 7oz, the octagonal bean bag chair covers are easy to carry around and last long. Besides, our 100% olefin eco-friendly fabric with TPU coating allows you to do your bit for the environment.

Water-Repellent Material: Don't let accidental spills damage your large octagonal bean bag cover. Our fabric repels water falling on its surface and prevents it from damaging your beans inside the bag. This property lets you use your bags outdoors without worrying about rainy weather conditions.

Safe from Tear & Abrasions: Children in a household may consider the bean bag a play item, jumping on it occasionally. This causes wear and tear and destroys the bag over time. Our outdoor octagonal bean bag covers offer excellent tears and abrasion resistance to prevent this from happening. They don't get damaged easily from rough handling or sharp objects.

Mildew Resistance: Humid and wet conditions produce mildew formations on your cherished bean bag. Thanks to our large octagonal bean bag covers, you can quickly stop this from happening. Our mildew-resistant material inhibits the growth of damaging bacteria that may tamper with the bag's functioning.

Different Sizes & Colors Available with Our Octagonal Bean Bag Chair Covers:

Sizes & Colors: Our covers for a bean bag come in two sizes: 30" X 15" h and 40" X 17" h. You can select the size you prefer on our website in no time. Want a specific size for other furniture items? You can also take a look at our Custom Covers section to get your cover size customized as per your needs. Moreover, our fabric features attractive color options like beige and gray. We also provide chair covers in appealing colors, so it resonates perfectly with your home décor.

Beans Required: You will need around 0.6kgs of beans for each bean bag. Ensure that the quantity of the beans is optimum for a softer and more comfortable feel upon sitting.

Order Top-Quality Large Octagonal Bean Bag Cover Today at Covers & All:

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The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.


Beans Required

30'' dia X 15''

1 kg

40" dia X 17"

1.95 kg

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