Sectional Set Bean Bag

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Stylish & Durable Sectional Set Bean Bag Cover for Outdoor Comfort

  • Durable, tear-resistant fabric with high tensile strength.
  • Water-repellent and UV-resistant, ideal for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, with two color options.
  • Perfect for outdoor spaces, with a 3-year warranty.
Patio Plus
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Shop Durable and Stylish Sectional Set Bean Bag Covers with a 3-Year Warranty

Tired of replacing your old bean bags every few years? Look no further than the Sectional Set Bean Bag Covers. With this sectional set, you can easily create a comfortable, versatile seating arrangement that fits your unique needs and home decor. These covers allow you to create the look and feel of your furniture while providing a comfortable and stylish option for lounging, reading, and entertaining guests.

Patio Plus Material: The sectional set bean bag cover is made from Patio Plus Material, which is an eco-friendly fabric with a TPU coating. This unique 100% olefin eco-friendly fabric with TPU coating ensures that the cover is water repellent and UV resistant, making it ideal for use in outdoor spaces. The 7 Oz, 420 denier fabric also provides the cover with a high tensile strength and tear resistance, ensuring longevity.

Water Repellent & UV Resistant Fabric: The cover's water repellent and UV resistant properties make it perfect for outdoor use. The cover's material repels water, keeping it dry even during rainy days. The cover's UV-resistant fabric protects it from the harmful rays of the sun, ensuring that it retains its color and quality for years to come.

High Tensile Strength & Tear Resistant Fabric: The sectional set bean bag cover is designed to withstand heavy usage without tearing. The high tensile strength and tear-resistant fabric of the cover ensure that it is tough enough to withstand any abuse that it may face. Are you looking for a quick and affordable way to refresh your furniture? Check out our extensive collection of full sectional set covers and chair covers, designed to protect and enhance your seating while giving your home a fresh new look.

3 Years Warranty: The product comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring that it is a risk-free purchase. The warranty guarantees that the product will be free from any defects or problems that may arise due to the manufacturer's fault.

Sectional Set Bean Bag Covers Online are Resistant to Mildew, Tear, and UV

Mildew Resistant: The cover's material is mildew resistant, ensuring that it does not develop any unwanted odor or stains.

Water Repellent & UV Resistant Medium Weight: The medium-weight cover is water-repellent and UV resistant, making it suitable for use in any outdoor setting. The cover's medium weight ensures that it is easy to move and store, making it a practical and convenient choice.

Washable Sectional Set Bean Bag Cover Sturdy Zipper for Easy Removal & Clean the Cover

Zipper: The sectional set bean bag cover comes with a zipper, allowing easy removal and cleaning of the cover. The zipper ensures that the cover can be quickly removed and replaced without any hassle, making it a practical and convenient choice for outdoor use. Don’t wait any longer. Shop for sectional set bean bag cover online.

The quantity of beans required for different sizes is given in the description below.

Product Name



Beans Required

Lounger Bean Bag Cover

26" x 55" x 35"


4.8 kg

Couch Bean Bag Cover

26'' X 33'' X 35''


6.6 kg

Foot Stool Bean Bag Cover

26" X 26" X 17"


1.8 kgs

Circular Bean Bag Cover

20'' X 15''


0.6 kg

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