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Buy Infrangible Weight Bags for Prolonged Protection

Weight bags are an essential accessory designed to increase stability and prevent the stands, canopies or umbrellas from toppling down in windy conditions. They provide extra support and security, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

We offer assorted weight bags such as Umbrella Weight Bags, Canopy Weight Bags, and Tripod Weight Bags, made of sturdy Tarp Tuff material. The weight bags offer infallible protection outdoors, making them perfect for usage during harsh weather conditions.

Get Waterproof Canopy Weight Bags for Uncompromising Stability

The fabric of canopy weight bags boasts exceptional durability. Its water and UV resistance, along with tear and abrasion resistance, make it a reliable choice for safeguarding canopies and ensuring long-lasting protection in various weather conditions. You can easily use them on sandy, rugged or unstable surfaces without worrying about the gusty winds.

Heavy-Duty Material: Our weight bags are made of Tarp Tuff fabric. The durable fabric features 1000 denier PVC-coated material, weighing 18 oz. Designed to withstand inclement weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, high UV rays, it ensures uninterrupted performance in tough weather conditions.

Fill Material: You can fill the bags with sand, gravel, rocks, or any preferred material according to your requirements. Fill any of these materials to achieve the expected weight and shape according for the best results. The tear-resistant design keeps fill material safely contained for long-lasting performance without compromising its security.

Waterproof: The weight bags are bestowed with waterproof fabric that stops the water from entering inside. The sturdy fabric ensures utmost protection from moisture, dampness, and bacterial formation, keeping the bag’s condition intact and prolonging its lifespan.

UV-Resistant: Apart from waterproof features, our weight bags boast UV resistant properties. It prevents early fading due to direct exposure to harsh UV rays, prolonging your bag’s life and functionality for years to come.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Our canopy weight bags are constructed with tear and abrasion resistant material for foolproof protection from mishandling or rugged usage. Rigorous outdoors usage can lead to cuts, slits, ruptures, or surface scraping, leading to spilling of the fill material. Our strong covers outperform in such conditions without compromising the functioning of the weight bags.

Weight Capacity: Our umbrella weight bag can hold up to 80 lbs weight, while canopy weight bags hold a maximum weight capacity of up to 30 lbs. The bags possess double-stitched seams that grantee unwavering equipment stability and endurance.

Applications: Weight bags boast a multitude of practical applications, enhancing stability and safety across diverse scenarios. They secure outdoor tents, umbrellas at pool side or outdoor events. They stabilize photography equipment and keep portable gazebos upright. They can also be used as an additional support to camp tarps in challenging weather conditions and offer a reliable solution for anchoring signs, banners, and inflatable structures..

Choose the Quantity of Your Weight Bags

The bags are equipped with secure tie-downs. They consist of two zip sections and a Velcro strip that securely holds the fill material, ensuring reliable setup for challenging conditions.

You can order the canopy bags in sets of 2, 4, or 6. For tripod weight bags we offer a set of 4 weight bags.

Our weight bags come in a variety of colours for your selection. For tripod weight bags and umbrella weight bags, we offer two colour options – Cover Tuff black and Cover Tuff gray. Whereas our Canopy weight bags are available in 4 colour options for your choice. You can choose from Cover Tuff black, Cover Tuff blue, Cover Tuff brown and Cover Tuff gray. Select the colour that completements your aesthetics.

We offer a standard size of 23”x10” for our Tripod Weight Bags.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop for our Weight Bags now and enjoy a hassle-free outdoor setup!

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