Friends in man cave

A house is not a home without a man cave to hide away in. From coat closets to basements, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get the most out of your unused or empty spaces. In designing a man cave, you can go big or opt to keep things small. It doesn’t matter, just as long as the cave makes everyone happy. And with these inspirations, you can’t go wrong.


Party For One


Maybe all the space you can spare is a walk-in closet. That’s no trouble at all. A dingy hole in the wall can easily be transformed into a space tailor- made for a party of one. Add a small desk and writing chair, or maybe a papasan chair and some string lights. If there’s enough room you could turn it into a meditation/yoga studio. What about a small futon and 30” TV for some private sports or movie viewing? Whatever you choose, say goodbye to dust bunnies and hello to a man cave haven, perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of a busy household. Listen to music. Watch the big game. Or enjoy a good book. Just be sure you maximize that small, wasted space in your house.


Billiards in the Basement

Is your basement full of tacky Christmas decor, miscellaneous accoutrements, or maybe even some family antiquities? Turn the basement into a game room man cave heaven. Invite the buds over for a round of billiards and tall boys, or tear down that “No Girls Allowed” sign and invite the whole house into the boys’ club for a night of family fun. With a couple table covers, you can even turn your poker table into a table for checkers, chess, or even a few rounds of old maid.


Cinema at Home

Basements can be dark, scary, and secluded, but there’s no need to fear: a home theater can transform fright into a man cave full of bright light. Flat screens and sectionals are the way to go for bringing the movies home. Enjoy a Spaghetti Western by yourself or invite the boys over for the big game. Don’t forget the popcorn with a machine straight from the cineplex. For added authenticity, you can even get a projector and tarp to make your movie night all the more special.


Greased Lightning


Catch lighting in a bottle and transform unused garage space into a hideaway for the grease monkey in your life. This auto-centric man cave is the home away from home for car heads and do it your selfers alike. It’s a workshop. It’s a body shop. It’s everything and anything you need in a garage man cave and more. Best of all, it’s crafted from a space tailor-made for this exact purpose.


Upstairs - Downstairs


Upstairs attics are the highest peak of the house, perfect for the astute man looking for his own place to ponder and peruse bookshelves. It can be home to trophies, honors, medals, and awards, all readily on display. Dress the room with animal pelts or hunting memorabilia and luxuriate in stylish squalor with debonair chairs.  Make your mancave the renown spot to be with a classy array of decanters, pipes & tobacco, or maybe succulent cigars.


No matter what you choose, creating that special place for your man to call his own will keep the grouch inside happy and content.