Half Rounded Indoor Cushion Cover

Coversandall IndoorCushionCover07 IndoorCushionCover07 Add a touch of elegance to your indoor space with our half rounded cushion covers in Canada. Choose from a variety of fabrics and colors for a perfect fit. Shop now & Get Free shipping on orders above $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/h/a/half-rounded-cushion-cover_2.jpg

Keep Your Space Pristine with Premium Half Rounded Indoor Cushion Covers

  • Made-to-measure cushion covers ensure perfect fit.
  • Choose from 4 different premium fabrics for diverse needs.
  • Over 90 vivid colors & sturdy zippers provided.
  • 32 D HR grade soft and comfortable insert for back cushions.
  • Offers up to 3 to 7 years of fabric warranty on color fading.

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Buy Custom-Sized Half-Rounded Indoor Cushion Covers in a Variety of colors

Make your home more comfortable and stylish with our splendid Half Rounded Indoor Cushion Covers. As their unique shape calls for custom sizing, we provide functional customization solutions. From size to fabric, colors, and zippers, we customize the cushions as per your individual preferences. Bring home these super comfortable cushions and add a dimension to your space.

Snug-Fitted: With our made-to-measure half-rounded indoor cushion covers, you can achieve the perfect fit for your cushions. Our covers are roomy enough to sheath the cushion perfectly while ensuring a snug fit. Use our online measurement tool and fill in the exact dimensions, and we will craft the bespoke half-rounded indoor cushion covers exclusively for you.

Soft and Comfy Insert: Enhance your lounging experience with comfy and bouncy cushion inserts. Made of high resilience 32D PU material, our cushion insert material is super soft and supports your back. Make sure it stays protected from flames or fire as it is non-fire-retardant.

100% Polyester Fabrics: Out of our five fabric variants, 3 are made of 100% polyester. These are Whisper Soft, Modern Muse, and Velvet Bliss. While Whisper Soft weighs 410 GSM, Modern Muse comes with a cotton velvety texture. With 380 GSM, it is a lot more durable than ordinary cotton. The plush Velvet Bliss fabric has a smooth velvety texture and exudes elegance.

Versatile Essential Elegance: Keep your embellished room in pristine condition with our cushion covers made from Essential Elegance fabric. Designed with 67% flat polyester fiber and 33% spun polyester fiber, the fabric is safe from stains. Its stain-repellent properties save your cushions from unpleasant stains and a ruined look. Plus, it oozes a plush appearance with its distinctive woven chenille and corduroy texture.

Customize Bespoke Half Rounded Indoor Cushion Cover with Ties and Zippers

Ties & Zipper Closure: When tied or secured with a zipper, your cushions stay protected from dust and dirt. Plus, they stay impeccably placed without the slightest chance of slipping away. Customize the placement of ties and zippers as per your convenience for seamless accessibility.

Comfy Back Cushions/Covers: Upgrade the look of your benches, chairs, sofa, and couch effortlessly with our back cushions or covers. As per your need, you can go for cushions – cushion covers with comfortable inserts for that relaxing back support. Or select only cushion covers if you have old cushions for revamping.

Get an Assured Warranty & Myriad colors with Tailored Half Rounded Indoor Cushion Covers

Warranty: We provide up to 3 to 7 years of fabric warranty against color fading (only when used indoors or in shaded areas).

Myriad colors: Aesthetically pleasing, these cushion covers are available in a plethora of vivid hues that rightly complement your living area.

So, why wait, shop for the bespoke Half Rounded Indoor Cushion Cover in CA and transform your interiors.

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