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Durable Dog Bed Cushion Insert With Removable Chew-Scratch Resistant Cover

Regardless of how much you love cuddling & sharing your bed with your furry friend, it is extremely important for your pet to have a bed of its own. Good quality dog beds not only offer uninterrupted sleep but also support their joints and prevent calluses besides many other benefits. Covers & All is here with just the right kind of dog-tough cushion insert & cover options that promise to offer maximum comfort, are highly durable & scratch-chew resistant. Ideal for dogs/pets of any age, our high-tensile strength cushion cover is the most practical covering solution for any pet owner.

Lofty Fiber Cushion Insert, Highly-Resistant Fabric Covering, And beautiful fabric patterns

Both the dog bed cushion insert and the removable cover is highly durable & tough yet very easy to clean and maintain. The dog cushion insert is filled with lofty holo fiber sewn inside our premium quality polyester fabric, which adds a protective layer of covering. The outer removable cushion cover is made of acrylic-coated polyester canvas fabric that is UV resistant & water repellent. The water & UV resistance of the cover fabric makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, available in a myriad of beautiful fabric colors & patterns, you can easily select a dog bed that coordinates with the other elements of your home well.

Dog Bed Cushions Available in a Selection of Sizes to Match Your Needs

At Covers & All, we believe in offering solutions that match the individual needs of different customers. It is why we offer a selection of sizes right from large dog bed cushions, medium dog beds, small dog bed cushions, dog crate cushions, and more. You can match your individual needs and select the one that suits your requirements aptly. Regardless of the size, you select, our travel-friendly cushion inserts & covers are portable enough to be transported, washed, and stored anywhere conveniently. With our durable pet-friendly bedding, you can put any of your beloved pets to comfort and care for any time of the day for years to come.

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