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Coversandall CheckeredCushion001 CheckeredCushion001 Shop online checkered print cushion covers, tailor-made using water & UV resistant fabric in any shape or size, at the best price. Free shipping over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/h/checkered-1.jpg
  • Covers are made-to-measure in any size & any of the three available shapes.
  • High-Strength cushion covers offer protection from dirt, dust, & mildew.
  • A choice of beautiful checkered fabric patterns, tie-downs, & zippers is available.
  • Ideal for indoor-outdoor use in mild to moderate ambient conditions.
  • These cushion covers are available in rectangle/square shape.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Checkered Cushion Covers With Protective Features

Giving a makeover to your cushions & pillows is an instant way to spruce up your indoor or outdoor living space. The right covers can not only energize any space in minutes but also make it look more cohesive. Like always, we are here to help you pull your space together with a fantastic selection of checkered cushion covers in a variety of patterns that cannot go wrong, no matter what your living space looks like. Lounge area, patio, deck, or garden - our low-maintenance, water & UV-resistant covers are the perfect decor option for every indoor-outdoor hangout.

Our premium-quality covers are made out of high-strength, water, tear, & UV resistant fabric. Besides the unparalleled brilliance of the fabric designs, what makes them unrivaled is the protective features. The fully functional covering helps create a shield over the cushion, prolonging its lifespan and charm for years. Our covers can withstand different mild to moderate ambient conditions. However, it is recommended not to keep them outside in extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, or direct sunlight.

Our covers are ideally suited for protecting indoor & outdoor cushions from dust, dirt, and mildew. The beautiful checkered patterns add a pop of interest that can accentuate any space instantly. The intuitive combination of functionality & appearance makes it a practical and approachable furnishing option for residential and commercial use.

Our checkered print cushion covers come in a variety of patterns and vibrant colors, giving you the liberty to match your unique space aesthetics. With the most stunning range of checkered patterns, they are sure to turn your cushions into the focal point of your space. Plus, matching tie-downs/zippers take the idea of luxe a step further. Furthermore, considering their resistance to stains, fading, and mildew makes them a complete win-win home decor accessory.

Made-To-Measure Checkered Print Cushion Covers Offer A Snug-Fit

Custom tailoring is an immensely crucial aspect when it comes to choosing the right covering solutions for your home. It has a tremendous impact on how the end product looks. It is why we offer custom cushion covers that are made-to-measure based on your specific size requirements.

Plus, we offer tailor-made cushion covers in three different shapes - round, rectangular, and square. The covers are shaped & sized perfectly to offer a snug-fit appearance, making the cushions look crisp & plush.

Quick Steps to Ordering Covers & All Durable Cushion Covers

Placing your order at Covers & All takes a few easy and quick steps:

1. Measure - Use our measuring guide to submit your size dimensions.
2. Choose - Choose from the available checkered fabric patterns and tie-down options.
3. Order - Place your order.

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