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Coversandall GliderCushionCover001 GliderCushionCover001 Shop all-weather Custom Glider Chair Cushion Cover made from tear, abrasion, UV resistant & waterproof fabric. Free shipping over $99 plus get 20% Off on your first buy! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/g/l/glider-cushion-cover-rectangle1.jpg
  • All-weather, custom-fit glider cushion cover with 2-3 years warranty.
  • Highly durable, tear, abrasion & UV resistant, and waterproof covers.
  • Personalize your cover with a logo, monogram, name, etc.
  • We highly recommended not to keep the cushions outside in extreme weather like heavy rain, snow or direct sunlight.

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Durable, All-weather Glider Cushion Covers With Up To 3 Years of Lifespan

Glider chairs are one of the most ergonomic pieces of furniture. Whether you use it as a modern rock-a-bye nursing chair or enjoy reading time tucked into it - its smooth gliding movement is a precious feeling. We have a great addition to make to your glider chair with our all-weather, protective glider cushion covers. Our custom covers are a plus in every way as they are designed to offer protection, comfort, and sophistication all at the same time. 

Every glider cushion cover at Covers & All is made using a premium fabric that is highly durable, lightweight, tear & abrasion resistant, waterproof, and UV resistant. Specially fabricated to take the beating of external elements over the seasons, it will maintain its aesthetic appeal and grace for up to 3 years depending upon the fabric selection you have made.

Our all-weather cushion covers are tailor-made to meet your specific dimensions. They are made to measure based on the unique size and shape of your glider chair. The form-fitting covers are finished with matching ties/zippers, evoking all the more finesse in them. Plus, these slipcovers for glider cushions make it convenient for you to remove and put them on.  

We offer a selection of colors and patterns so that when your glider cushion cover dresses your chair, it feels included in the space you have already curated. Accessorizing your furniture in colors that blend with your living space takes the idea of an inviting and welcoming home a step further. 

A Touch Of Uniqueness: Add Personalization to Your Glider Chair Cover

If you are someone who enjoys adding a personal touch to every element of your living space. Then, our personalization is something you might want to consider. A personalized cushion cover will resonate with your decor while adding more character and personality to it. 

To incorporate personalization, you can add your name, logo, family crest, or monogram to your cover. A personalized glider cushion cover sitting on your chair will allow it to shine, drawing attention to it despite being surrounded by several other decor elements. 

Order Glider Cushion Covers at Covers & All In Four Quick Steps

Follow these measuring and ordering guidelines to order your custom cover:

  • Measure - Use our measuring guide to submit your dimensions. 
  • Choose - Choose from fabric & fabric colors and tie-down options. 
  • Personalize - Upload an image or text to personalize your covers (optional).
  • Order - Place your order.

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