Square Cushion Cover

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Elevate Your Outdoor Protection in Style with Square Cushion Cover

  • Covers are produced from weatherproof fabric.
  • Withstands surface wear & tear.
  • Water & UV-resistant covers protect from harsh elements.
  • The cushion covers are available for customization.
  • Choice of colors, ties & zippers available.

Select Your Shape

Square Cushion Cover

Square Cushion Cover

  • Square Cushion Cover

    Square Cushion Cover

  • Cube Cushion Cover

    Cube Cushion Cover

  • L Shape Cushion Cover

    L Shape Cushion Cover

  • T Shape Cushion Cover

    T Shape Cushion Cover

  • Round Cushion Cover

    Round Cushion Cover

  • Half Rounded Cushion Cover

    Half Rounded Cushion Cover

  • Bolster Straight Back Cushion Cover

    Bolster Straight Back Cushion Cover

  • Clipped Bolster Cushion Cover

    Clipped Bolster Cushion Cover

  • Wedge Cushion Cover

    Wedge Cushion Cover

  • Bolster Cushion Cover

    Bolster Cushion Cover

  • Triangle Cushion Cover

    Triangle Cushion Cover

  • Custom Shape Cushion Cover

    Custom Shape Cushion Cover

  • V Shape Cushion Cover

    V Shape Cushion Cover

  • Semi Oval Cushion Cover

    Semi Oval Cushion Cover

  • Rectangle Cushion Cover

    Rectangle Cushion Cover

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Buy Outdoor Square Cushion Covers Made of Weatherproof Fabric

One of the best ways to extend the life of your outdoor/indoor furniture is by sheathing them with a weatherproof cover. Covers & All custom-fit Square Cushion Cover protects from accidental stains, damage, water, mildew, tears, cuts, slits, etc.

Cushion Rite for Moderate Weather Conditions: Ideal for moderate weather conditions, our Cushion Rite fabrics are durable. They feature 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with one side PU coat. The durable coating adds robustness and makes them excellent performers in unfavorable conditions.

Eco-Friendly Fabric: The cover is made using eco-friendly Cushion Plus fabric that has 100% Olefin. Bestowed with strength, comfort, resistance to staining and color fastness, the fabric is an ideal choice for moderate weather conditions.

Highly Breathable Cushion Pro Fabric for Extreme Weather: Made using 300 D solution-dyed woven polyester, the Cushion Pro fabric is ideal for extreme weather conditions. It is highly breathable, durable and lightweight, rendering luxuriously rich-appeal.

Mildew Resistance: The Cushion Rite and Cushion Plus fabrics are specially formulated to resist mould, mildew, or the formation of any other bacterial growth. This property helps in keeping these large square cushion cover in the best condition always.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: No matter how attractive your furniture cover looks, even a single slit, cut, rupture, etc., can mar the look of your decor. Our tear and abrasion-resistant covers aid in providing ultimate protection from all the damaging elements for a pristine look.

Waterproof: Waterproof fabric does not permit water to pass through, saving your cushion lifespan. Additionally, the water-resistant fabric protects the outdoor cushion covers from dust, debris, and all other weather woes.

UV-Resistant: Intense sunshine emitting harsh UV rays is the major factor to be blamed for fetching your cushion’s shine and color. This is where our UV-resistant fabric saves you from potential damage, keeping the cushion & cover in perfect condition.

Personalization: An attractive outdoor decor always makes you fall in love over and over again. Our personalization option bestows your outdoor square cushion cover with something unique on its own. From your name, brand name, family crest, logo, an interesting quote, you can have anything from the provided option to have a touch of uniqueness.

Customization: A well-fitted cover not only looks sleek but also keeps the cover in place with a snug fit. Whether you have a small-sized cushion or you have a tailor-made one, our custom-sizing will allow having a perfect fitting. All you need is to share the exact measurements and we will craft the bespoke covers specifically for you.

Warranty Coverage: Warranty coverage not only offers you peace of mind but also offers relief from investing your time and money in buying new covers frequently. This is why we offer warranty coverage on all of our fabrics. Starting from Cushion Rite fabric which has 2 years warranty, Cushion Plus has 3 years warranty period and Cushion Pro offers warranty coverage of up to 5 years.

Secure Your Custom Square Cushion Covers with Sturdy Zippers & Ties

Zippers: To ensure a good fitting, we equip our covers with sturdy zipper options. The available options are zipper around the length, zipper around the width, zipper around the length and width, zipper along the length (side welting), and along the width (side welting).

Ties: To further add an extra layer of security, we provide robust ties. You can choose to opt for ties at the corner (single length), ties at the corner (single width), tie at the corner (both sides), etc.

Large Square Cushion Covers are Available in Striking Colors

Color Options: Our multiple color options will instantly amp up your decor. Ranging from beige, sky blue, navy blue, toast, etc., the striking hues blend perfectly for a flawless look.

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