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Customise Custom Pillow Covers-Rectangle for a Perfect Fit

  • 2 fabric variants available-Cushion Rite & Cushion Plus.
  • Customise the covers for pillows of any size.
  • Protects from water, mildew and UV radiation damage.
  • Suitable for moderate weather conditions.
  • Personalise Cushion Rite covers with a logo or text.

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Shop for Robust and Weatherproof Rectangle Pillow Covers

Your enemies for outdoor furniture may be inclement weather conditions, dirt, dust, debris and more. Use our Custom Pillow Covers-Rectangle for enhanced protection from outdoor elements and add beauty to your outdoor cushions.

Cushion Rite is Polyester-Made: The rectangle pillow covers are made from 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with a PU coating on one side. This coating lends sturdiness to the fabric making it lightweight, flexible and repels moisture.

Cushion Plus Uses Olefin Material: The Cushion Plus fabric is crafted from Olefin eco-friendly material with a TPU coating. The recyclable polyolefin material makes the fabric flexible enough to be moulded into weaves, patterns and textures.

Custom-Fit Covers: Our outdoor rectangle pillow covers can be customised in size according to your requirements. You can enter the values in our measuring tool after taking down the dimensions of the pillow for a snug-fit cover.

Protects from Harsh UV Rays: Excessive sunlight can damage the fabric resulting in a faded outlook. To ensure colourfastness, we recommend using our UV-resistant outdoor rectangle pillow covers. This help retains the shine and also prolongs the fabric’s shelf life.

Protects from Moisture Damage: The tight weaves in the fabric dissuade water permeation which can leave unpleasant stains on the covers. A sudden spell of rain may render you to change the large rectangular and round pillow covers before settling down to enjoy the outdoor seating area. Our water-repellent fabric dries quickly and protects your cushion from getting completely wet. This makes them reusable whenever required.

Resistant to Mildew: The covers are designed to withstand damage from mould growth and algae. They inhibit their growth to keep the material from disintegrating. This helps to make the fabric quite durable.

Cushion Rite Fabric has Personalisation Option: Our small rectangle pillow covers in Cushion Rite fabric are designed to be personalised with a logo or text. You can choose the font style and the colour scheme from the website for an appealing and distinct look.

Apt for Use in Moderate Weather Conditions: Both fabrics are suitable for moderate weather conditions. They will be able to protect your outdoor cushions from slight rainfall, medium UV radiation, mildew, dust and dirt. They may not be able to protect your cushions during heavy rainfall or from excessive exposure to the sun.

Cushion Rite is Resistant to Tears & Abrasions: Regular exposure to wear and tear destroys the fabric quite easily. Our Cushion Rite fabric is resilient, it is designed to resist damage due to tears and abrasion. This ensures that the fabric does tear apart or sustain scratches that will diminish the beauty of the covers.

Sturdy Zipper: The zipper allows easy accessibility of the pillows. It gives a firm shape and keeps the outdoor elements at bay. Zipper also makes sheathing and unsheathing the pillows effortless.

Our Lightweight Outdoor Rectangle Pillow Covers Come with a Warranty

Lightweight Fabric: The Cushion Plus weighs approximately 7 oz while the Cushion Rite fabric is slightly heavier and weighs about 8 oz. Both the rectangle pillowcases are lightweight and have a soft texture. This gives a polished outlook to your fluffy pillows.

Warranty: A warranty is an additional assurance about the premium quality of our product. We offer up to 2 years of a warranty on Cushion Rite fabric while the Cushion Plus fabric comes with up to 3 years of warranty coverage.

Uplift the Décor Element with Colourful Custom Pillow Covers

Colour Variations & Patterns: The Cushion Rite covers come in relaxing shades like beige, sky blue, navy blue, and charcoal grey. Cushion Plus patterns include stripes, tween navy, navy texture, grey texture and beige texture. Both variations have hues that blend seamlessly with your outdoor aesthetics.

Buy the custom square pillow covers to instantly remodel your outdoor space while protecting the cushion from dirt, dust, rain, sunlight and more!

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