Outdoor Air Conditioner Covers

Coversandall EquipmentOutdoorCover001 EquipmentOutdoorCover001 Protect your AC with our outdoor air conditioner covers for AC units of all sizes. Get free super saver shipping on all orders over $99. https://media.coversandall.ca/media/catalog/product/cache/7333573a0a443d4028445822ce4d8e0a/o/u/outdoor-air-conditioner-covers.jpg

Highly Durable Waterproof Outdoor Air Conditioner Covers for Moderate Weather

  • Durable covers offer protection from moderate weather conditions.
  • Designed to perfectly fit any brand's AC.
  • Option to choose from different size dimensions, fabric, colors.
  • Made with high persistence 100% waterproof breathable fabric.
  • Comes with a flap velcro split in the back width.

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