Custom Log Splitter Covers - Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter

Coversandall LogSplitterCover001 LogSplitterCover001 Shop for Custom Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter Covers to protect your log splitter from harsh weather and dust. Log splitter cover comes with a 3- 5-year warranty! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/u/custom-log-splitter-covers-horizontal-vertical-gas-log-splitter-new.jpg

Custom Log Splitter Covers Available

  • Give protection to log splitter motor from dust & harsh weather.
  • Covers can be customized.
  • Come with a 3 - 5-year warranty.
  • Can be personalized with UV-resistant ink.

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We Equip Our Heavy Duty Log Splitter Covers To Handle All-Weather Conditions

The gas log splitter you have purchased promises to save you hours of manual labour. It's been cutting all those logs in an instant, saving you precious time and effort. Now it's your turn to protect it from harsh climatic conditions so that it remains as good as new all the time. Keeping it under Covers & All's well-fitting outdoor equipment covers will ensure that your gas log splitter always remains ready for use. Our covers offer complete protection not just from corrosion, dust, debris, dry leaves and bird droppings, but also moisture and even heavy showers, snow and sleet.

Being waterproof and UV-resistant makes them well suited to withstand extreme weather conditions without getting faded or letting any water seep into your log splitter's machinery. The horizontal log splitter covers can endure high temperatures and heavy rain and remain looking new.

Our vertical log splitter covers are tear and abrasion-resistant, making them strong and sturdy enough to be able to withstand rough windy weather and day-to-day handling with ease. Coming with a graphic weight of around 12 oz to 18 oz, they can easily be folded or unfolded without assistance. You need not worry about any nicks or cuts, even when the covers are exposed to sharp edges or jagged surfaces.

Being snow resistant, our heavy-duty log splitter covers can endure near-zero degree temperatures without stiffening up or becoming brittle, as many other covers do on cold winter mornings. It's a relief to find them soft and supple and thus easy to handle.

Our Outdoor Equipment Cover Can be Made From Various Fabric Options

Our horizontal log splitter covers are available in three heavy-duty fabric options. The Cover Max and Cover Tuff fabrics are 1000 denier PVC-coated polyester materials. While the former is ideal for moderate weather, the latter always remains ready to battle extreme climatic conditions. Created with 600 denier PVB backing polyester, our Cover Fab fabric is perfect for shaded or semi-shaded areas.

While Cover Max and Cover Fab both come with a 3-year warranty, Cover Tuff offers a warranty of 5 years to ensure that you get a product that stays with you for an extended period. Our vertical log splitter covers are available in a range of pleasing colours, including blue, beige, coffee, light grey, black, etc. Our covers come with several tie-down options such as drawstrings, split zippers, push clips, and elastics at the hem for additional security.

Our Heavy Duty Log Splitter Covers Can be Customized 

We give you the option of adding a unique touch to your covers by personalizing them. Send us a text, logo, photo or any design of their choice, and we will print it on the covers in UV-resistant ink. You also can choose the colour, font, size, and place where you want it printed on the outdoor equipment covers.

When placing your order, fill in the measurements (in inches) asked for on our website, together with details of the fabric and colour of your liking, and the cover will be made ready accordingly. Order now, and we will deliver your personalized custom log splitter cover straight to your doorstep.

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