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  • Made of 100% waterproof and UV-resistant fabrics.
  • Multiple colours and fabric options are available.
  • Fabrics used are abrasion and tear-resistant.
  • Elastic tie-down fitted at the hems.
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Custom Winch Covers Made of Robust and Weatherproof Fabric

Why expose your expensive winch to Mother Nature? Give it the Covers & All's high-quality waterproof winch cover. A winch is constantly exposed to the elements since it is mounted on your vehicle's front bumper. The sun and rain could degrade it, resulting in a less efficient winch, which might not function when you need it the most.

All our tear-resistant winch covers are made from robust, waterproof materials that will shelter your winch from rain and snow and protect them from wind and dirt. The cover's UV-resistant feature ensures that it does not fade or crack in the sun and lasts longer than your winch. Its strong double stitching prevents it from ripping easily. The fabrics resist tearing and abrasions and stay sturdy even when it gets rubbed against stones and debris on the road.

Choose from our three different types of personalized winch covers designed to suit different climatic conditions. Cover Fab is suited for shaded and semi-shaded areas and is made from 600 denier melange PVB backing polyester. This lightweight cover has a graphic weight of 12 Oz and feels like fabric in texture. It offers a choice of two colours and a warranty of 3-years.

Cover Max and Cover Tuff are made from 1000 denier PVC coated polyester and moderate weight at 12 Oz and 18 Oz graphic weight, respectively. Cover Max is best suited for mild weather, whereas Cover Tuff can stand firm to harsh climates. Cover Max offers six colours and a warranty of 3-years. Cover Tuff has five colour options and a warranty of 5-years. Both these custom winch covers have high UV resistance.

Waterproof Winch Covers Come with Elastic Tie-Downs

An extra-strength elastic is fitted at the hem of the tear-resistant winch covers to ascertain that it stays in place and does not get blown off with the wind. Since it is placed on the bumper, a secure fit is required to ensure safety through all seasons.

You can also personalize your personalized winch covers and get your logo/monogram/company name printed on them. We use UV-resistant ink, which does not fade in the sun.

Buy More Custom Winch Covers and Save More

All our waterproof winch cover fits are designed to fit all the major brands like Warn, Smittybilt, Superwinch, Rugcel, New Vortex Winch, Drive Recovery, Champion, Reese Towpower perfectly. We also offer discounts on the purchase of more than one cover. So, order now and get reliable all-weather protection.

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