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  • Custom ATM cover made from waterproof fabric for year-round protection.
  • High grade ATM covers with split zipper on both front edges and back side split velcro in middle for extra protection.

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Give Year-Round Protection to Your ATM with Waterproof ATM Machine Covers

A damaged ATM machine that has fallen victim to the vagaries of the weather can be a distressful sight, especially when you’re in need of cash. This is where Covers & All’s weatherproof ATM covers come in to protect your teller machine against dust, dirt, wind, rain, and snow.

Crafted from polyester with a UV and weather-resistant coating, our ATM covers shield the ATM against moderate to extreme weather conditions. All our covers are made using lightweight premium fabrics such as Cover Max, Cover Fab, and Cover Tuff. These covers are highly durable and come with a warranty of up to 3 years for Cover Max and Cover Fab. A 5-year warranty is offered on the Cover Tuff fabric.

Spelling robustness, richness, and style, our covers can be customized to your taste and as per your requirements. The vibrant colour options that we also offer are sure to add extra appeal to your custom machine cover.

Offering prevention from mould and mildew, all our covers are equipped with protective air vents that keep all such destructive agents away from the ATM.

Add Extra Protection with Weatherproof ATM Cover Tie-downs & Grommets

Promising a protective and snug fit, our various tie-down options will ensure that the covers stay in place even on harsh windy days. Our high-grade ATM covers come with a split zipper on both the front edges and a backside split Velcro in the middle for extra protection.

High-quality grommets made from rust-free brass provide added security. These grommets are positioned at a gap of 6, 12, and 24 inches. You may also customize the gap placements in case you need different gaping options.

Personalize Custom ATM Machine Covers with a Text or Logo of your Choice

Make your ATM cover look unique by adding your own touch to it. You can personalize your covers with a brand name, logo, creative text, etc. of your choice and keep your ATM protected all year long. Order now and we will deliver your ATM cover right to your doorstep.

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