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Buy Custom-Fit Outdoor Table Covers to Shield Your Outdoor Furniture

Whether it is patio, backyard or pool area, you handpick furniture for each space to create a relaxing and cohesive ambiance. Leaving your expensive furniture on nature’s mercy can cost you a fortune. Use our weatherproof Outdoor Table Covers and shield your outdoor furniture to prolong its life significantly.

We provide three weatherproof fabrics to customize the covers in. These waterproof and UV resistant fabrics are designed to safeguard your furniture from rain, sun, wind, and other harsh weather conditions. Customize these covers in your preferred size and design and safeguard your outdoor furniture for years.

You can also personalize these covers with your favourite name, logo, text, quote or artwork and add a distinct touch to your outdoors. Choose from custom rectangle table covers, custom square/rectangle table chair set covers, rectangle accent table covers, and more.

Get Patio Table Covers in Custom Sizes & Weatherproof Fabrics

Our weatherproof table covers are available in three fabric choices and custom sizes.

Custom-fit: From square, rectangle to round, outdoor tables come in multiple shapes, sizes and designs. A one-size-fit cover won’t suffice them all. This is why we offer custom outdoor table covers, so they perfectly fit your table from sides and angles. Use our measuring guides and input accurate dimensions in the measurement box.

Heavy Duty Cover Max & Tuff Fabrics: Our two fabrics – Cover Max and Cover Tuff are designed to combat moderate and extreme weather conditions respectively. These 1000 D PVC coated polyester fabrics are highly durable and tear and abrasion resistant. They resist the damaging effects of heavy rain, UV rays, wind, dust and debris.

Solution-Dyed Cover Rite Fabric: This 600 D 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric features sturdy PU coating on one side. This lightweight material is tear and abrasion-proof and withstands moderate weather. It is water-repellent and offers medium UV resistance.

Personalization: Stand out on the block by personalizing your outdoor furniture covers. Using our personalizing tool, you can add your name, logo, or artwork for a unique touch. Along with table covers, you can personalize chair covers too for a distinctive set.

UV Protection: Our heavy-duty UV-resistant outdoor table protectors offer medium to high UV protection. They shield your furniture from scorching sunlight and protect them against any discoloration or deterioration.

Waterproof: Our waterproof Cover Tuff and Cover Max fabrics and water-repellent Cover Rite fabric have moisture-repellent layer that inhibits any water permeation. Despite heavy rain, your table stays dry and safe from any signs of decaying, rotting or corroding.

Mildew-Proof: The PU coating of Cover Rite not only protects against water permeation but mildew too. The fabric curtails any mold or mildew growth that could leave unsightly blotches and trigger unhygienic conditions.

Warranty Coverage: All our products come with an assured warranty of up to 2 to 5 years.

Choose Grommets & Tie-Downs with Waterproof Outdoor Table Covers for Easy Installation

Choose rustproof grommets with outdoor table covers, so they stay in place even in windy weather. You can get them customized at gaps of 6”, 12” or 24”. We also provide multiple tie-downs along with grommets. From drawstrings to elastic and push clips, you can choose the tie-down that goes with the unique design of your table. Besides securing the covers, the tie-downs ease the removal and placement of the large outdoor table covers too.

Follow these basic steps to order your custom outdoor table covers:

  • Measure your furniture using our measuring guide.
  • Enter the measured specs on the given table.
  • Select fabric, colors, and personalization options.
  • Choose tie-down options and the required units.
  • Click add to cart to complete the process.

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