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Outdoor Patio Table Covers: Protect Your Outdoor Table in Style

Covers & All Canada brings you high-quality outdoor patio table covers to protect your outdoor furniture from the harsh weather elements. Our extensive collection offers covers that provide reliable weather protection from the sun, rain, snow, dirt, and even mischievous birds. Available in custom sizes, colors, and designs, our garden table covers are crafted from top-rated materials that ensure durability and weather resistance.

Our covers offer UV protection, shielding your furniture from the sun's harmful rays and preventing discoloration or deterioration. Whether it's for your front patio or backyard our waterproof patio table covers provide the ultimate protection, prolonging the life of your patio furniture. Our covers cater to various outdoor tables including dining tables, picnic tables, accent table covers and more, ensuring a perfect fit for your diverse needs.

Enhance Your Party Decorations with Our Patio Table Covers

When it comes to hosting parties, elevate your setup with our diverse range of table covers that will completely transform your party space. Our selection of covers is available in various colors, themes, textures, and materials. Whether it's for a birthday celebration, wedding reception, or casual gathering, our table covers our versatile covers are perfect for any occasion. Also, explore our range of sturdy patio chair covers, and extend the same protection to your patio chairs.

    • High Quality Standard: Crafted from top-rated materials, our garden table covers meet high-quality standards to ensure long-lasting protection for your yard furniture.
    • Custom Sizes: Available in custom sizes, our covers can be tailored to fit your specific lawn tables, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This customization feature is available on our range of backyard furniture covers.
    • Warranty: Our outdoor table covers come with a warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality and durability.
    • Easy to Use: With sturdy grommets and tie-down options such as elastic at the bottom, push clips etc., their installation becomes effortless, which makes these covers convenient for any event or occasion.

Check out our tabletop covers which not only provide comprehensive protection to your outdoor tables but also make them ready for all occasions.


Q1. How do you cover an outdoor table for winter?

Ans. For winter protection, many use plastic wrap but it lacks breathability. It traps moisture which leads to mold and mildew formation. We recommend using sturdy polyester table covers as these are breathable and safeguard against all weather conditions.

Q2. Should you cover your patio table?

Ans. Yes, covering your patio table is advisable to protect it from weather elements like rain, sun, and snow, which can cause damage over time.

Q3. How do you measure an outdoor patio table cover?

Ans. Measure the width, length, and height of your outdoor table. Add extra inches for coverage. Choose a cover slightly larger than your measurements for a snug fit.

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