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  • Waterproof and UV-resistant covers are available.
  • Tear and abrasion-resistant fabric used.
  • Come with a 5-year and 7-year warranty.
  • Can be customized and personalized.

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Our Outdoor Chaise Lounge Covers are Waterproof and UV-resistant

The pleasure of basking in the sun next to your swimming pool is a vision that invigorates many of us. That brightly coloured chaise lounge seat has given you hours and hours of service. So when not in use, it is a good idea to keep it shielded from extreme weather conditions.

Our patio chaise lounge covers are UV resistant. This keeps their colours vibrant and long-lasting. The covers are waterproof, keeping your lounge seats dry even when pouring outside. Being mildew-resistant, the covers do not grow any of that annoying fungus that may add to your hours of cleaning. The PU and PVC-coated polyester fabric lasts longer and gives a vinyl-like feel.

You need not worry about the waterproof chaise lounge cover getting ripped or frayed as they are tailored using tear and abrasion-resistant fabric. This enables the covers to sustain routine handling without you having to fret about any nicks that may occur.

Our patio furniture covers do not become stiff even on cold mornings. They retain their flexibility and can easily be folded and kept away as they come in the medium weight range.

You can Personalize the Patio Chaise Lounge Covers

You can get a text or logo printed on the waterproof chaise lounge covers. Simply upload the image on our website at the provided space and choose the colour of the text and font of your preference. We will resize the monogram so that it fits aesthetically to your cover. And you get a product that speaks about your personality.

All your questions about keeping the patio furniture covers in place get answered by the tie-down options like drawstrings, push clips, or elastics attached at the bottom. Now you can easily keep the cover in place, and it will not fly off on windy days. If you do not want tie-downs, we shall mail you one accordingly.

You can even get brass grommets fitted at a spacing of every 6", 12" or 24". Simply run a cord through them to keep the cover in place. The brass grommets are corrosion resistant and keep the covers from unravelling at the edges.

The Outdoor Chaise Lounge Covers Can Be Customized

You can get your patio chaise lounge covers customized to suit your needs. Just upload the measurements in inches on our website and opt for colours and fabrics of your choice. We will get the cover ready accordingly.

You can choose from two fabric types. Cover Max is 1000 Denier PVC-coated polyester that is ideal for moderate weather. It is seamless for 9.5 ft and gives you a choice of six colours. It is suitable for mild weather conditions. Cover Tuff fabric is 1000 Denier PVC coated and heavy-duty. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and feels like vinyl. It also provides you with six colour variations to select the one you want. The fabrics weigh in the medium range and can be handled alone.

The highly durable fabrics come with a 5-year warranty for Cover Tuff and a 7-year warranty for Cover Max. We will deliver your customized, personalized covers to your doorstep. So click to order now.

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