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Buy L-shaped Sofa Covers For Room And Patio Furniture

L-Shaped Patio Sofa Covers With Access Handles For That Perfect Fit

Right from the day you got it home, the L-shape sofa in your patio has been receiving looks of envy from all your friends, and even neighbours. Every evening, while you enjoy its warm welcoming vibe as you curl up on it with a book or a cup of coffee, you also worry about its upkeep. This is where Covers & All steps in with covers that will ensure that your L-shaped sofa continues to look good for a long period of time.

A judicious addition to our covers is the easy-to-access handles that let you both cover and remove the coverings with equal ease. The L-shape sofa covers’ tie-down options are a great help too as they ensure the covers fit over your L-shape sofa like a glove.

Air Pockets In Custom L-Shaped Sofa Covers Keep Dust & Debris Away

Our L-shape sofa covers are made of extremely durable materials such as 1000 Denier and PVC-coated polyester. Waterproof and UV-and-tear resistant, they boast of high-quality stitching. Our covers are also fitted with air pockets that prevent the formation of mold and mildew while keeping your sofa not just safe from the elements, but also the pesky dust and debris that are the bane of anyone who’s excessively proud of their furniture.

Our covers come with a 3-year warranty on Cover Max material and up to a 5-year warranty on Cover Tuff material. All you need to do is submit your measurements and we will ship you an excellent quality cover.

Personalize Your L-Shaped Couch Covers With A Range Of Fabrics & Colours

While assuring you of an excellent quality L-Shape Sofa Cover, we also want you to personalize them. You can make a start by making a choice from our range of fabrics and colours, and pick one that goes well with the look and feel of your patio. What’s more, you can even have your name, initials, house number or logo printed on it.

Frequently Ask Question's for L-Shaped Couch/Sofa Covers:

Q1. How can I determine the correct cover size for my L-shaped couch?

Ans: Measure the length of each portion, including the corner, as well as the sofa's depth. Select a cover size that matches or slightly exceeds these dimensions.

Q2. How do I secure the L shaped couch cover in place?

Ans: Look for covers that have elastic bands, ties, or straps to keep them snugly wrapped around the sofa and prevent from slipping.

Q3. Can I find L shaped sofa covers with patterns or designs?

Ans: Yes, our covers are available in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs, allowing you to complement your décor while preserving your sofa.

Q4. Can I use an L shaped sofa cover to cover only one section?

Ans: While most covers are meant for L-shaped sofas, some may be adaptable to cover particular sections.

Q5. Do L shaped couch covers protect against fading from sunlight?

Ans: Our covers provide UV protection to prevent fading and sun damage to your sofa's upholstery.

Q6. Can I use an L shaped sofa cover for an outdoor sectional?

Ans: Our covers are designed for outside use, be sure the cover you purchase is appropriate for outdoor settings.

Q7. Can I use an L shaped couch cover to protect a sleeper sofa?

Ans: Yes, an L shaped sofa cover can be used to protect a sleeper sofa. The cover keeps the mattress and upholstery clean and well-maintained.

Q8. Can an L shaped couch cover fit all types of L shaped sofas?

Ans: Our covers are made to fit a variety of styles, it's best to find one that particularly fits the measurements of your sofa.

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