Sun Shade Sail

Buy Custom Sun Shade Sails for Stylish Aesthetics & Long-term Sun Protection

Transform your outdoor space with Covers & All's custom Sun Shade Sails. Whether hosting pool parties or BBQs, our UV-resistant and tear-resistant fabric ensures year-round protection. Choose from various shapes and colors to suit your style, and enjoy worry-free outdoor fun.

Covers & All's sun shade sails Canada stand out with their durable UV-resistant fabric, available in triangle, square, and rectangle shapes. The lightweight design, coupled with a 2-year warranty, guarantees long-lasting quality. Customize your sail effortlessly with our online tool and accessories, creating the perfect outdoor haven.

Tailor your outdoor oasis with Covers & All shade sails for sun shaid. Beyond superior protection, personalize your sail with images, logos, or text, showcasing your unique style. Our easy online ordering process lets you choose the shape, size, and color, ensuring a perfect fit that complements your outdoor aesthetic.


  • Classic Sun Shade Sail: A large, UV-resistant fabric stretched between anchor points to provide shade in outdoor spaces.
  • Waterproof Sun Shade Sail: Similar to classic shade sails but with water-resistant or waterproof fabric for protection against rain as well.
  • Custom Pergola Covers Tailored covers designed to provide shade and weather protection for specific pergola structures.

Unveiling the Versatility of Waterproof Sun Shade Sails

Premium Waterproof Fabric: Crafted from Shade Max fabric, our shade sails for sun shade boast high water resistance. Perfect for outdoor gatherings, they ensure enjoyable moments even during unexpected rain, offering a premium solution for all-weather protection.

UV-Resistant Protection: Our sails bravely withstand the harshest sun rays, providing not only a shield from rain but also robust UV protection. This ensures the preservation of your outdoor furniture, offering lasting defense against environmental elements.

Robust Durability: Engineered for extreme weather conditions, our lightweight yet tough sun shade sails weigh 12 Oz. This ensures their robust durability, promising long-lasting performance and a reliable solution for year-round outdoor protection.

Easy Installation: Enhance your patio effortlessly with our waterproof sun shade sails. The easy installation process not only elevates your outdoor aesthetics but also ensures effective protection for your outdoor space against the elements, making it a hassle-free experience.

Custom Sizes Available: Tailored for versatility, our sun shades for patio come in custom sizes. From small nooks to entire backyards, they guarantee a perfect fit for every outdoor space, providing a personalized solution that suits your specific requirements and preferences.

Global Delivery: Experience global convenience with both the sought-after options of our rectangle sun shade sail, and triangle sun shade sail. A few clicks are all it takes to place your order, and we'll deliver them worldwide. Elevate your outdoor roller shades experience with our reliable and stylish solutions, no matter where you are.

Stylish Design Options: Beyond their protective features, our Classics sun shade sails offer a range of stylish design options. Choose from an array of colors and shapes to complement your outdoor aesthetics, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Environmentally Friendly Materials: Committing to sustainability, our sun shade sails are crafted from environmentally friendly materials. Enjoy outdoor comfort with a clear conscience, knowing that your shade solution aligns with eco-conscious practices for a greener, more responsible choice.

Patio Pergola Covers: A Stylish Defense Against Wear & Tear

Shield your patio with Covers & All's custom pergola covers, designed for easy installation and exceptional protection. Our high-tensile strength fabric, available in three variations, withstands all weather conditions. The grommet-style tie-down feature ensures secure handling, while vibrant colors elevate your patio's allure. Customize with ease and enjoy a stylish defense against changing weather, preserving your gazebo's charm and safety throughout the year.

Ideal for patios, our pergola covers protect your outdoor space from the elements while adding a touch of style. Whether it's rain, snow, or harsh sunlight, these outdoor and indoor roller shades ensure your gazebo remains a haven of tranquility.

  • Enhanced Outdoor Living: Pergola covers turn your patio into a stylish retreat, shielding it from weather fluctuations and enhancing its visual appeal
  • Year-Round Protection: Combat wear and tear caused by changing weather conditions, ensuring your gazebo stands the test of time.
  • Personalized Elegance: Add a unique touch by personalizing your covers with images or logos, creating a customized outdoor haven that reflects your individuality.
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