Floral Sun Shade Sail - Triangle

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Floral Sun Shade Sails – Triangle: A Versatile Shading Solution

  • Madde of 600 D woven polyester for enhanced durability.
  • Available in custom sizes and sail sides to meet diverse needs.
  • Feature waterproof, tearproof & Uv-resistant fabric.
  • Available in two sail side options: straight & curved.
  • Offers convenient installation with additional hardware accessories.


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Attractive Floral Sun Shade Sails with Waterproof & Tear-Resistant Attributes

From summer to winter and fall, nothing proves to be a better practical shading solution than versatile sun shade sails. An amalgamation of both beauty and function, the outdoor shades are an excellent alternative to pergolas, covered porches, awnings, and umbrellas. Being effective and affordable, the patio sails can be used in a variety of ways to create an alluring relaxing oasis. Customized to your specific needs and requirements, Covers & All offers popular custom floral sun shade sails – triangle that not only jazz up your living space but keep it weatherproofed from untimely weather woes.

Made of 8 oz, 600 D woven polyester with one acrylic coated side, the sun shade sails are highly durable - perfect to combat moderate weather conditions. Long exposure to the scorching sun can not only mar the overall appeal of your outdoors but you may run the risk of sunburns and skin damage. But fret not! Our outdoor sun shade sail when installed in the open areas helps deter the harmful UV rays, keeping your patio cool and shaded. The knitted fabric is designed in a way to promote ventilation, maintaining the ambient environment.

With waterproof patio sails in place, you can easily host barbeque cook-offs and host alfresco dinners without worrying about surprising showers or hailstorms. The water-resistant fabric of shade sails doesn’t let water seep through them, letting you enjoy the drizzle without the fear of getting wet. Placing waterproof sails over your valuable furniture, cushions, and pillows helps save them from getting ruined due to unexpected weather changes.

As appropriate tension and pull is necessary to tighten and install the sun shade sail, shades might run the risk of unravelling or fraying. To keep this issue in check , we design the patio sails with tear and abrasion resistant fabric. The high tensile fabric doesn’t fray or slit while installation and doesn't retain any abrasions or scratches due to falling debris or torrential rain.

Add Character to Your Patio with Custom Sail Shades

Sun shades for patio not only keep inclement weather at bay, but add a unique character to your otherwise prosaic outdoors. Available in the popular shape – triangle, these shades are versatile enough to be used in ‘n’ number of ways. Befitting spaces from smaller to larger, the triangle shaped patio sails can be arranged in myriad ways to shade the area according to your needs. From swimming pools to open kitchens, these shade sails are a convenient solution to weatherproof any area in style. Plus, their floral design is icing on the cake. The alluring print captivates the eye, bringing a refreshing vibe to your outdoors.

For complete coverage, the run of the mill patio sails might not justify your needs. Therefore, we provide custom sizes in floral sun shade sails. Now you can easily customize the size of the sun shade sails according to your needs. Just follow our measuring guide and input the measurements for bespoke shade sails. Additionally, you can customize the sail side as per your requirement. Either you can opt for curved sail sides or straight ones whichever meets your specific needs.

Order Additional Accessories with Sun Shade Sails for Convenient Installation

For complete water protection, installation of patio shades demands care and a set of right hardware accessories. Else, the sagging sun shade might become the source of pooling water and debris. To relieve of this hassle, we provide as set of hardware accessories such as turn buckle, snap hook, pad eye bracket, and screws/roll plugs for all three corners along with the sail shades at an additional cost. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to transition your outdoors into a relaxing oasis and order custom-made floral sun shade sails now!

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