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Extend Your BBQ’s Life with our Durable Broil King BBQ Covers

  • Crafted from waterproof & UV-resistant materials.
  • Get snug-fitted covers for different BBQ models.
  • Suitable for moderate to extreme weather & shaded areas.
  • Equipped with multiple tie-downs & grommets.
  • Tear and abrasion-proof covers with 2-3 years of warranty.

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Buy Broil King Covers to Ensure the Longevity & Durability of your BBQs

Looking for the perfect cover to protect your Broil King BBQ from the outdoor elements? Covers & All’s weatherproof Broil King BBQ Covers are the right fit. From regal smokers to portable and built-ins our covers are specifically tailored as per the brand’s unique size, model and shape standards. Thus, ensuring their optimum coverage and safety.

Standard Sized for Various Models: We offer a range of Broil King BBQ covers for different models. Whether you have Broil King’s gas BBQs, pellet smokers or built-in cabinet equipment, we have a cover for every model you ask for. Our covers are designed keeping the unique size and shape of each model in mind. Thus, offer snug-fit and complete coverage.

Non-Woven Cover Ace Fabric: Cover Ace is a waterproof & UV-resistant fabric weighing 5 oz. It withstands moderate weather conditions and stays durable for up to 2 years. Being tear and abrasion-resistant, this non-woven fabric offers long-lasting usage and impact resistance.

Cover Max Fabric: Cover Max is an extremely durable 1000 D PVC-coated polyester. This fabric weighing 12 oz is suitable for moderate weather conditions. Highly durable, the waterproof and UV-resistant material keeps moisture, fading, dust and debris away from your prized equipment.

Sustainable Cover Rite Fabric: This 8 oz, 600 D 100% solution dyed fabric comes with one PU coated side. This sustainable fabric is perfect for semi shaded and shaded areas. It offers 2 years of warranty and excellent water and mildew resistance.

Water & UV Protected: Surprising showers, snow or scorching heat can potentially degrade your Broil King’s electrical components and look. Our waterproof and UV-treated Broil King barbecue covers keep the moisture and extremely dangerous UV light away from your Broil King barbecue. Thus, keep it pristine for a long time.

Tear & Abrasion-Proof: No matter how frequently or for a long duration you use our covers, they will remain in good condition always. Their strong fabric is tear and scratch-proof. It stays as good as new – without any splits, cuts and grazes for long.

Our Broil King BBQ Covers with Multiple Tie-Downs are Easy to Use

Easy to Use & Clean: All our covers come equipped with easy-access handles on both sides. They facilitate effortless pulling or removing while cleaning or storing the covers. Plus, they are easy to carry from one place to another. Just fold and store them when not in use.

Tie-Downs for Adjustable Fit: Keeping the BBQ covers in place, especially in windy weather is a hassle. But not with our covers. They come equipped with sturdy tie-downs such as drawstrings, elastic, push clips.

Broil King Barbecue Covers Complements the Aesthetics of Your Patio

Visually Appealing: Plastic thin covers can blot the sophisticated aesthetics of your patio. Our premium-quality covers with high-quality fabric, impeccable stitching and sleek finish work to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space tenfold.

Accessory: Shop for our premium air bags to ensure foolproof water protection for your equipment. Just place the bags underneath the sagging parts of your covers to elevate them and allow easy water run-off. This will prevent water to accumulate around the seams that can lead to leakage.

Shop for the best barbecue covers and weatherproof your equipment now! Our exclusive range includes Broil King Signet BBQ cover, Broil King Baron BBQ Cover, Broil King Gem Cover, Broil King Sovereign Cover and more.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here.

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