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Tough Char-Broil BBQ Covers for Protected Yet Decked Up Space

  • All-weather waterproof & UV-resistant covers.
  • Snug-fitted covers for different Char Broil BBQ models.
  • Available in 3 tear & abrasion-proof fabric options.
  • Furnished with multiple tie-downs & access handles.

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Buy Char-Broil Cover for Utmost Weather Protection of Your BBQs

When it comes to reliable protection of your Char-Broil BBQ, a tough and durable Char-Broil BBQ Cover is a must-have. Whether you have a charcoal grill for traditional chargrilled flavour, a gas grill or a quick electric one, we’ve got you covered! Our premium range of Char-Broil BBQ covers for different models and sizes is crafted from tough weatherproof fabric that keeps moisture, dust, UV rays and scratches at bay.

Covers for Different Models & Sizes: Every model of Char-Broil is designed uniquely. No regular cover can fit its elaborate design. Therefore, Covers & All houses premium Char-Broil covers that are meticulously tailored as per the specific size and shape of each model. From Char-Broil electric BBQ cover to Char-Broil smoker BBQ cover, we provide snug-fitted covers for any model you ask for.

Non-Woven Cover Ace Material: Providing excellent water protection and medium UV resistance, Cover Ace features non-woven material suitable for moderate weather. Weighing 5 oz, this lightweight material is convenient to handle and use. shows excellent liquid repellence, resilience, and strength, it protects against inclement weather and inhibits bacterial growth. Lightweight and breathable, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Cover Max Fabric for Moderate Weather: Cover Max is 12 oz, 100- D PVC coated polyester best suited for moderate weather. Offering high durability, the fabric withstands rain, UV light, dust and regular wear and tear. With 3 years of warranty, the material offers long-lasting usage.

PU-Coated Cover Rite Fabric: Cover Rite is a perfect choice when looking for a sustainable fabric option. Offering long-lasting coverage and protection, the fabric is a 100% solution-dyed polyester with one PU-coated side. This tough layer is strong enough to protect against rainwater, UV rays, spills and scratches. It provides up to 2 years of warranty along with mildew resistance.

Water Protected: Protection of your valuables from rain, snow and moisture is crucial when looking for their longevity and safety. Our waterproof covers are designed to withstand damages such as rust, corrosion, and seepage even during heavy downpours and snow.

UV Safety: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause physical and chemical damage to your Char-Broil BBQ. Our UV-treated covers provide an extra layer of protection and help prevent your equipment from the scorching sun.

Tear & Abrasion Proof: Regular wear and tear ruin your Char-Broil barbecue cover causing them to rip and split. They are designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and keep scratches and abrasions at a distance.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Along with adding a protective layer to your barbecue, the covers aesthetically enhance your place. They snuggly fit your covers endowing them with a pristine look.

Multiple Tie-Downs with Char-Broil BBQ Covers Add Optimum Security

Multiple Tie-Downs: For added security and wind protection, we provide multiple tie-downs with our BBQ covers. These sturdy tie-downs include drawstrings, elastic at the bottom, push clips to secure the legs, etc. They aid in convenient handling while placing and removing the Char-Broil portable BBQ cover.

Accessory (Air Bags): We provide air bags as an optional accessory for ensuring the utmost water protection for your barbecue. When placed under the sunken cover points, the air bags aid in easy water run-off. This further reduces water accumulation, especially around the seams, keeping your valuables safe and sound.

From Char-Broil smoker BBQ cover, and Char-Broil large BBQ covers, explore our exclusive range of char broil BBQ covers in Canada and shop for the best Char-Broil Performance BBQ cover now!

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