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Heavy-Duty Traeger BBQ Covers to Keep your Barbecue Pristine Season-Round

  • Choose from three tear & abrasion-proof fabrics.
  • Waterproof & UV-resistant covers for all-weather safety.
  • Tailor-made as per the specific model size.
  • Equipped with multiple tie-downs, grommets, & handles.

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Buy Weatherproof Traeger Covers in Canada & Ensure Your BBQ’s Ultimate Protection

To make the most of your chilling evenings while roasting chicken or grilling veggies, protect your BBQ from water, UV rays and dust with Covers & All Traeger BBQ Covers. No matter which Traeger barbecue model you own, our covers customized in weatherproof fabrics and with convenient tie-downs ensure complete weather protection.

Various Models & Fixed Sizes: From the Traeger smoker cover to the Traeger Pro 575 cover and Traeger Pro 780 cover, shop for any Traeger model at Covers & All. Each cover is meticulously designed according to the exact size and shape of the particular model of the barbecue. These covers snuggly fit the barbecue equipment, providing flawless coverage and protection.

Cover Max Fabric for Moderate Weather: Give your BBQ immense protection in moderate weather conditions by customizing Traeger barbecue covers in Cover Max fabric. The 1000 D thick material features PVC Coated polyester – a highly durable combination that withstands inclement weather. Highly waterproof and UV-resistant, the fabric feels like vinyl and offers around 3 years of warranty.

100% Solution-Dyed Cover Rite Fabric: This 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric features one PU-coated side. This tough layer provides the utmost protection against any rainwater, UV rays, spills and scratches. It is the best sustainable option for shaded and semi-shaded areas. This value-for-money material is not only safer for the environment but aesthetically pleasing too. It provides up to 2 years of warranty along with mildew resistance.

Non-Woven Cover Ace Fabric: Perfect for moderate weather, Cover Ace is a non-woven fabric. This highly durable fabric is known for liquid repellence, resilience, stretch, softness and strength. While warding off the damaging effects of inclement weather, this lightweight fabric deters bacterial growth too. It offers around 2 years of warranty.

Water-Resistant: Rain, snow and moisture are the major threats to your expensive Traeger BBQ. They can not only rust the equipment but can lead to sparks when not completely dry. To stave off such damages, we use superior-quality waterproof fabrics that defend against moisture and restrain it from seeping inside. Thus, keeping your equipment totally safe and dry – even during heavy downpours and snow.

UV Protected: Our all covers for Traeger BBQ are designed to offer medium to high UV-resistance. These UV-treated covers prevent your equipment from any physical and chemical damage common during prolonged UV exposure.

Dust & Debris Protected: Placed in the open, the grills run the risk of damage due to storms, dust and falling debris. Despite regular cleaning, dust settles on the equipment and debris leads to scratches, dents and dings. Our high tensile tear and abrasion-proof covers help keep your equipment pristine and functional for long.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Bored of jaded covers for Traeger BBQ, that ruin the sophisticated décor of your outdoors? Our premium Traeger winter covers, available in multiple colors are a plush option to weatherproof your equipment while elevating its aesthetics. Pick the hue that goes best with your outdoor kitchen.

Get Several Tie-Downs with Traeger BBQ Covers for Optimum Security

Multiple Tie-Downs: Equip your BBQ covers with tie-downs to protect them from ballooning in the wind. Our sturdy tie-down options include drawstrings, elastic at the bottom and push clip to secure to legs. You can customize the cover with any of these and make them highly functional.

Portable Traeger Covers are Easy to Use

Portable: Weighing 5 oz, 8 oz and 12 oz, all our lightweight Traeger covers are portable and handy. Furnished with robust tie-downs, the covers stay in place despite uncertain weather. Plus, they are convenient to use place and remove. They are provided with two convenient access handles on both sides for easy pull and cleaning.

Optional Accessory: We provide air bags as an optional accessory with our Traeger BBQ covers. These inflated bags when placed under the sunken cover areas, allow easy runoff, especially from around the seams. Thus, offering complete water protection and no water seepage.

From Traeger Pro 22 cover to Traeger Pellet BBQ Cover, and Traeger full length BBQ cover, explore our exclusive range of Traeger covers in Canada and shop for the best barbecue cover. Order now!

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