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Buy Customized Waterproof Weber Smoker Covers

Weber Custom Smoker Cover Protects Your Grill from Harsh Weather

Whether you are hosting barbeque parties or summer get-togethers, your grill has always been the main attraction of party-snacking groups. It's time you paid it back by protecting it with Weber Smoker grill cover that is made with premium quality fabric to fit your grill like a glove.

The covers are made from high-quality PVC-coated, 100% waterproof, and UV-resistant polyester material. They offer high tensile strength, the cover can withstand abrasion, wear and tear, harsh weather conditions. The Weber smoker cover material feels like vinyl.

The covers make it impossible for rain, snow, sleet, or even harsh sun to damage the grill. The breathable fabric also protects your grill from moisture and mildew.

Customize and Personalize The Weber Smoker Cover

Tailor-made to the specifications provided, the grill cover is designed to provide a crisp and clean fit to your grill. To enhance the look further, you can choose the fabric type and colour to match your home decor. The three types of fabric come in colours ranging from black to beige and blue.

While Cover Max is suitable for moderate weather, Cover Fab is suited for shaded areas and Cover Tuff can withstand extreme weather conditions. You can also personalize the grill covers by having your motif, image, logo, or house number printed on them. All you have to do is to upload the measurements, images, select the fabric & colour and we will have the cover delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

Easy-to-handle, Weber Smoker Cover with Tie-down Features

Our Weber Smoker grill cover protects your grill from the harshest of weather. It cannot be dislodged easily. The cover comes with securing accessories such as drawstrings, strong elastic for a powerful grip at the base, push clips to secure the legs. The cover is attached with access handles for easy removal and cleaning of the grill cover.

Custom Covers

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