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Weber Portable Grill Covers to Keep Your Grill Protected All-Year Round

Weber portable grill always saves the day, as it can be carried anywhere anytime to get the party started. It's time to safeguard this versatile grill against the wear and tear caused by weather elements. Tailor-made with 100% waterproof and UV resistant fabric, these sophisticated, elegant-looking sturdy covers boast high durability standards and look like vinyl.

Created to shield your grill against rust and corrosion, the covers provide maximum protection against rain, snow, sleet, or harsh sun. The high-resistance covers keep dust, debris, moisture, and mildew from hampering your grills. PVC-coated durable fabric is built to withstand abrasion, ensuring the grill remains unscathed.

Flaunt Your Personal Style with Customized Covers

While the covers exude elegance you can personalize them by choosing from a range of fabrics and colours of your choice. Keep it exclusive with your choice of full-colour images, logos, a family crest, or a monogram.

An ideal cover to add longevity to your grill, our Weber Portable grill covers come with a 3-year warranty and in three fabric variations to choose from: Cover Max, Cover Fab, and Cover Tuff.

Tailor-Made Weber Portable Grill Cover with Smooth Handles

The covers never fail to create an impression with their sophisticated features. Sensibly enabled with smart features, the covers are built to offer complete protection to your grill at all times. Weber Portable Grill covers come with effortless access handles for smooth cleaning and removing.

To boot, the covers offer tie-up options like zippers, drawstring, and strong elastic. These tie-up options help secure the cover underneath. The push clips tightly secure the legs. Thus, the grill stays secured even during the harshest winds. Grab one of your own today.

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